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1. Which of the following terms refers to the socially constructed roles and characteristics by which a culture defines male and female?

B) gender

2. In considering gender differences, you should remember that

B) gender similarities are much greater than gender differences.

D) all of these answers are true.

3. Compared with men, women experience a greater risk of

C) eating disorders.

4. Men and women are most likely to differ in their

D) physical aggressiveness.

6. During middle and late adulthood, women become progressively ________ assertive and men become progressively ________ domineering.

C) more; less

7. In everyday behavior, men are LESS likely than women to

A) smile at others.

8. The sex chromosome found in both men and women is called the ________ chromosome.

A) X

9. The body structures that enable reproduction are the

A) primary sex characteristics.

10. The hormone that stimulates the growth of male sex organs during prenatal development is called

C) testosterone.

Which of the following is an example of a secondary sex characteristic?.

B) male facial hair

12. The first appearance of secondary sex characteristics is most likely to be associated with the onset of

D) puberty.

13. A gender role refers to

C) a set of expected behaviors for males or for females.

. The roles assigned to women and men.

C) differ widely across cultures.

15. Gender identity refers to

B) the sense of being male or female.

16. Gender typing refers to the acquisition of

) a traditional masculine or feminine role.

17. Children tend to organize their worlds into male and female categories. This best illustrates the importance of

D) gender schemas.

18. The belief that boys are more independent than girls is a

C) gender schema.

19. People whose gender identity feels mismatched with their birth sex are

A) transgender.

. Sex reassignment surgery today would most likely be recommended for individuals who are

D) transgender. D) estrogen levels are highest.

22. The first stage of the sexual response cycle is

B) an excitement stage.

23. The refractory period is the

D) time span after orgasm during which a male cannot be aroused to another orgasm.

Research on the sexual response cycle indicates that

C) enough sperm may be released prior to male orgasm to enable conception.

25. A problem that consistently interferes with one’s ability to complete the sexual response cycle is called

C) a sexual dysfunction.

26. In 1998, Viagra was introduced for the treatment of

) erectile dysfunction.

27. Exhibitionism and fetishism are examples of

A) paraphilias.

28. Recurrent sexually arousing fantasies and behaviors involving nonhuman objects is an indication of

D) a paraphilia.

29. Teenage girls are especially vulnerable to STIs because of their

D) lower levels of antibodies.

30. Which of the following is an STI?

A) herpes

31. The most common way AIDS is transmitted is through

B) unprotected sex with an infected person.

32. Condoms are most helpful in protecting against

C) HIV infections.

33. With repeated exposure to any erotic stimulus, our emotional response often lessens. This illustrates the process of

C) habituation.

34. After viewing sexually attractive women on TV, male college students find an average woman or their own girlfriend or wife as

C) less attractive.

35. Compared with European teens, U.S. teens have a ________ rate of STIs and ________ a rate of pregnancy.

B) higher; higher

36. Many sexually active American adolescents fail to avoid pregnancy because

B) they are uncomfortable discussing contraception with their sexual partner.

37. Teens who use alcohol prior to sexual intercourse experience

D) reduced self-awareness and are less likely to use condoms.

38. The more sexual content adolescents view on TV and in movies, the more likely they are to

A) perceive their peers as sexually active.

39. In one survey, 72 percent of sexually active 12- to 17-year-old American girls said

D) they regretted having sex.

40. Among unmarried American teens, sexual abstinence is more likely for those with ________ levels of intelligence and ________ levels of religious engagement.

C) higher; higher

41. One’s sexual orientation refers to a(n) ________ members of either one’s own sex, or both sexes.

C) enduring sexual attraction toward

42. Gay men are ________ likely to have been smothered by maternal love than heterosexual men. Boys growing up in a father-absent home are ________ likely to be gay than boys growing up with their father present in the home.

D) no more; no more

43. Research on the environmental conditions that influence sexual orientation indicates that

D) the reported backgrounds of homosexuals and heterosexuals are similar.

44. A biological influence on homosexuality is most clearly seen from evidence of

A) sexual relations between same-sex partners in several hundred species.

45. Simon LeVay discovered that a neural cluster located in the ________ was larger in heterosexual men than in homosexual men.

C) hypothalamus

46. A birth-order effect seems to play a role in sexual orientation among

A) men who are right-handed.

47. Compared with women, men are more likely to

D) do all of these things.

48. How would evolutionary psychologists explain men’s more accepting attitude toward casual sex?

Men can distribute their genes widely.

49. Men in their ________ are most likely to be sexually attracted to women who are several years older rather than several years younger than themselves.

A) teens

50. Women are most likely to be sexually attracted to men who seem

D) mature and affluent.

In most nonhuman mammals, females become sexually receptive when

D) estrogen levels are highest.

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