Psychology 1305- Exam #3

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The first two week after conception are referred to as the ______ phase of development


The embryonic phase of development last from about ________ after conception

weeks 2 to 8

Each organ system begins to form during ________ phase of development


The fetal phase is reached at ______ weeks after conception


All organ systems except the sex organs are present, though not functional, at the beginning of the _________ phase of development


Birth typically occurs _______ weeks after conception


About _______ million sperm cells are released in a typical ejaculation


At about four days after conception, the cell mass developed a hollow center and is called a


the germinal phase ends when

the blastocysts attaches to the uterine wall

what phase of development gets its name from the greek work "swelling"

the embryonic phase

the outer mass surrounding the embryo become

the placenta

the developing organism is particularly vulnerable during the __________ bc this is when the distinct organ systems are being formed

embryonic phase

Ashley contracted rubella while she was pregnant. He unborn child is most likely to be affected if it is in the _______ of development

the embryonic

the cardiovascular system is functioning by the end of week


at the beginning of the fetal phase of development, the fetus is about

one inch long

A typical fetus will be _____ time longer at 38 weeks than it was at 9 weeks


a typical labor lasts about

8-12 hours

two key factors that determine is a premature fetus. can survive outside of the womb are nervous system development and ____________

maturation of lungs

a woman’s body produces approximately ________ ovum across her lifetime


when sperm production is at its maximum, a man can produce as many as 1500 sperm ever


Sara just found out that her sister conceived about 7 days ago. She rushes to find a book on pregnancy so that she can learn more about it. What will the book say is happening around the seventh day of pregnancy?

The cells of the zygote are beginning to differentiate

Makayla is a 10-week old infant who is extremely fussy at the moment. Makayla is being cared for by one of her mother’s friends while her mother does some grocery shopping. Her mother’s friend has fed the baby, changed the baby’s diaper, and has rocked the baby but nothing seems to calm Makayla. When Makayla’s mother returns she sees how fussy the baby is, picks her up, and talks to the baby. Makayla immediately stops crying. Makayla has recognized her mother’s face, voice, and _____.


If development were forms of movement in a store _____would be like an escalator and ______would be like steps.

continuity; stages

Questions about the extent to which maladaptive habits learned in childhood can be overcome in adulthood are most directly relevant to the issues of:

stability or change

A pregnant woman was recently arrested for using heroin. She is addicted to heroin and there is a risk that her fetus will be born a heroin addict as well. Heroin is clearly a _____ for the fetus.


Research on _____’s theory indicates that development does not seem to progress exactly through the series of fixed steps as he indicated. In other words, there is doubt that we develop in neatly defined stages.


Mark thinks that language development over the life span requires a slow but steady shaping process. His belief is most directly relevant to the issue of continuity or _____.


In the United States, about _____ percent of all babies are walking by age 11 months, _____ percent are walking within a week after their first birthday, and about _____ percent are walking by age 15 months.

25; 50; 90

When a child views his new experience in terms of his existing schema, this is known as _____.


Samantha and Gebriel have decided to take their son to Sea World. When they asked him two years later if he remembered going he answered no. Their son was probably what age at the time of the trip?

2 yrs of age

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