Psych of Sport Chapter 4

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Which personality disposition(s) is (are) related to change in state anxiety?

All of the above -Trait anxiety -self-esteem -social physique anxiety

A quarterback needs to shift his attentional focus from surveying the field for receivers to delivery of a pass. This shift would be from

broad-external to narrow-external

The catastrophe theory suggests that performance is determined by a complex interaction of

physiological arousal and cognitive anxiety

A highly trait-anxious athlete (compared to a less trait-anxious athlete) would perceive competition as

more threatening and more anxiety producing

A "catastrophe" occurs, according to catastrophe theory, with

high cognitive anxiety and high physiological arousal

In evaluative situations, individuals with high trait anxiety tend to exhibit

high state anxiety

The importance placed on an event and the uncertainty that surrounds the actions of that event are sources of

situational stress

Which of the following is (are) true regarding the home-court advantage?

none of the above

A moment-to-moment change in one’s perceived physiological activation is referred to as

somatic state anxiety

A substantial imbalance between demand and response capability under conditions in which failure has important consequences refers to


According to catastrophe theory, to recover from a catastrophe the athlete must

All of the above -completely relax physically -control her worries through cognitive restructuring -reactivate herself in a controlled manner

Which of the following is NOT a physical manifestation of excess state anxiety?

feeling threatened

Which of the following is NOT symptomatic of heightened state anxiety?

slowed breathing

The relationship between arousal and performance depends on one’s interpretation of the arousal level. This is the basic approach of

reversal theory

There is a direct relationship between one’s level of

trait anxiety and state anxiety

Hanin’s zones of optimal functioning approach suggests that

each individual has a specific optimal level of efficiency

Which theory predicts a linear relationship between arousal and performance?

drive theory

In Hanin’s work on individualized zones of optimal functioning, he argues that for best performance to occur an athlete needs

an optimal level of state anxiety and other emotions

Multidimensional anxiety theory predicts

A and B -a negative relationship between cognitive anxiety and performance -an inverted-U relationship between somatic anxiety and performance

The results of Weinberg and Hunt’s (1976) study on college students with high and low trait anxiety demonstrated that

B and C -increased muscle tension contributed to inferior performance -increased coordination difficulties contributed to inferior performance

Increased arousal affects attentional focus in which of the following ways?

narrowing of focus

One’s general level of anxiety that stays relatively stable over time refers to

trait anxiety

The inverted-U hypothesis predicts that

B and C

Athletes lower in self-esteem are more likely to experience

low confidence and high state anxiety

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