Psych Chapter 23

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Which of the following vocal characteristics is listed in the textbook as a feature of elderspeak?

D. use of higher frequencies

Geriatrics refers to the:

C. medical specialty devoted to old age

Compared to younger adults, older adults generally:

B. take longer to fall asleep.

People who live to see their 100th birthday are referred to as:

B. centenarians.

Ageism is insidious when concerning the elderly because:

B. it undermines their feelings of competence and self-esteem.

The Hayflick limit is a natural limit to the:

A. number of times cells can divide.

Caregivers diminish the independence of the elderly by:

D. helping them too much.

Evolutionary theory tries to explain why:

B. many diseases that affect older adults have endured evolutionary change.

When graphing population changes in developed nations, a population problem that may arise is:

B. A lack of babies.

In the body’s immune system, the attack cells, called B cells, are manufactured in the:

D. bone marrow.

In general, how old are the oldest-old?

A. 70-85

The average life expectancy for men is ______ years, for women ______ years.

A. 76; 81

The number of years an average newborn of a given species lives is the:

C. average life expectancy.

A cultural factor that may increase longevity is:

D. being integrated into the community.

Limiting the time a person spends being ill or infirm is referred to as:

Compression of Morbidity

One medical response to sleep problems of the elderly is to prescribe narcotic medications to help them sleep. Unlike its effect on younger adults, the usual dose of a sleep aid in older adults can:

D. impair wakefulness and cause confusion.

The main reason we may not notice the young-old is that:

C. they do not fit our stereotypes of the elderly.

B-cells defend the body against invaders by:

C. producing antibodies against bacteria and viruses.

Primary aging refers to age-related changes that:

C. inevitably take place as time goes by.

The age group least likely to be victims of violent crime is people aged:

B. 65 and older.

Elderly people who are hard of hearing:

C. are often excluded from social give-and-take.

Maximum life span is said to be ______ years for humans.

A. 122

The age group least likely to be involved in motor vehicle accidents is people aged:

D. 55-64.

The term "free radicals" refers to:

C. electrons that are unattached to their nuclei.

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