Psych ch 8 and 9

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The pursuit of an activity for external reward is called what?

Extrinsic motivation

Need for achievement is also referred to as what?


What do we call biologically determined, innate patterns of behavior?


What is the state called in which some psychologists believe that an organism’s behavior is motivated by the need to achieve a state of balance in which the body functions effectively?


According to Maslow’s hierarchy, which needs must be met first?


In arousal theory, people are said to have what level of tension?


One interesting thing about incentive approaches is that incentives__

Exist independently of any need or level of arousal

The pursuit of an activity for its own sake is propelled by what?

Intrinsic motivation

What does BMR stand for?

Basal metabolic rate

Which hormone is secreted into the bloodstream by fatty tissue to signal the hypothalamus that the body has had enough food, reducing appetite and increasing the feeling of being full?


Which of the following is correct concerning the interaction of culture and foods?

American women eat when they are depressed whereas Japanese women eat because of social demands

People who are attempting to become extremely thing by refusing to eat suffer from what?

Anorexia nervosa

What is the part of the brain that seems to influence emotion?


Seeing a snake, and then simultaneously running away from it and becoming frightened, is the sequence of events postulated by what theory?

The Cannon-Bard theory

Which theory states that a stimulus triggers physiological changes that produce emotion?

James-Lange theory

What are affective states accompanied by physiological changes that often influence behavior?


Which part of the body have researchers concluded to be the most important part in nonverbal communication?


Anger; thirst; fear; lust; disgust.
Which one is NOT an emotion?


Which theory of emotion includes activation of the thalamus?


Which terms best describe Schachter and Singer’s theory of emotion?

Arousal and context

According to cognitive-mediational theories, would appraisal of the situation come before or after the physical arousal and the experience of emotion?


What are some of Myer’s suggestions for becoming happier?

Realize that enduring happiness doesn’t come from success, act happy, exercise, sleep more than 5 hours a night

What are the two things Schachter and Singer proposed that have to happen before emotion occurs?

Physical arousal and labeling

What is the process by which facial muscles send messages to the brain about the basic emotion being expressed?

Facial feedback

What occurs when people experience unpleasant stressors?


Ali, a war veteran, has nightmares, flashbacks, and anxiety attacks for the past three years. What is Ali most likely suffering from?

Post-traumatic stress disorder

What is the term used to describe the physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral responses to events that are threatening or challenging?


Which major life event has the highest number of life change units?

Death of a spouse

Did Teresa Amabile find that time pressure has a positive or negative impact on one’s ability to be creative?


Which type of conflict occurs when a person must choose between two goals that have both positive and negative aspects?

Double approach-avoidance

What is the condition in which the person has lost the ability to experience pleasure?


Choosing between going to a movie or a concert (both positive things) would be and example of which conflict?


Which field studies the effects of psychological factors such as stress, emotions, thinking, and behavior on the immune system?


What kind of people tend to not live to the average life expectancy?


What is one reason why living in poverty is stressful?

There’s an increased rate of disabilities due to poor prenatal care

What is the stress called that results from the need to change and adapt to the dominant, or majority, culture?

Acculturative stress

What is the psychological defense mechanism someone uses when trying to become like someone else in order to deal with anxiety?


What is the coping method that involves changing the way you feel or emotionally react to a stressor?

Emotion-focused coping

Research shows that __ lowers blood pressure in adolescents and adults.

Concentrative meditation

Coping with stress in the Vietnamese culture typically includes what?

Eating certain foods

According to studies, people involved in a religion and attend services regularly are more likely to what?

Live longer than those who do not have religious beliefs

What is the practice of behaviors and lifestyle choices that promote both physical and mental health called?


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