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the availability and use of effective contraceptives

What is the most likely reason for the dramatic decrease in the number of children in the average American family

realistic period.

According to Ginzberg’s theory, the third stage, which occurs in early adulthood when people begin to explore specific career options, is called


According to Schaie, what is the mission of people in late adulthood?

legislation to enact universal health care benefits

Using Schaie’s stages of adult development, which of the following is an issue that a senior citizen is most likely to be focused on and interested in?

personality traits

According to psychologist John Holland’s research, the greater the correspondence between career choices and _____________, the happier people will be in their choice.

acquisitive stage

Information that is gathered before we grow up and stored away for future use (e.g., education during childhood and adolescence) is an example of what developmental psychologist K. Warner Schaie calls

secondary aging

Molly is a 27-year-old female who looks years older than her actual age. She lives a high-risk lifestyle that includes regular use of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs, and she has never exercised regularly. Molly’s behavioral choices have likely brought about

secondary appraisal

If a student assesses the situation to determine how much time he/she has available to devote to studying for an upcoming exam, this is an example of

tentative period

According to Ginzberg’s theory, the second stage, which spans adolescence, when people begin to think in pragmatic terms about the requirements of various jobs and how their own abilities might fit with them, is called

social support

Mita is 21 years old. She has two jobs and is attending a local college. Due to her hectic schedule, she is experiencing several stressors that are contributing to physical ailments. Mita does not want to take medication for her stress, so the college therapist suggests that Mita try to increase contact with her friends as a means of decreasing her stress. Turning to friends for assistance and comfort is referred to as


What percentage of people eventually marry?

intimacy and decision/commitment

According to Robert Sternberg, companionate love develops when _________ is (are) present

Partners establish early on in the marriage the superior and inferior positions of the partners

Which of the following is NOT a typical characteristic of a happy marriage?


Which is the most likely cause of death for African Americans?

psychosomatic disorders

Medical problems caused by the interaction of psychological, emotional, and physical difficulties are called

triarchic theory of intelligence

Psychologist Robert Sternberg proposed a theory that intelligence is made up of three major components: componential, experiential, and contextual, which he called the

"Familiarity breeds rigidity."

Sarnoff Mednick discussed the fact that the more people know about a particular subject the less likely they are to be creative in that subject area. Which of the following quotations addresses this issue?

reintegrative stage

According to developmental psychologist K. Warner Schaie, the period of late adulthood during which the focus is on tasks that have personal meaning is called

3 stages

According to psychologist Bernard Murstein, his stimulus-value-role (SVR) has

empty love

Jerome and Alice have been married for 15 years, and their marriage is strained with bickering and unhappiness. Still, they are not considering a divorce because they have an 8-year-old son whom they both love deeply. Psychologist Robert Sternberg would call their relationship

people who are uncomfortable being close to others

Which of the following is an example of the avoidant attachment style?

lightheadedness or unconscious episodes

Psychoneuroimmunology suggests that when a stressful situation is encountered several biological reactions occur, including all of the following except


What is the name for the new field of study that researches the relationship among the brain, immune system, and psychological factors with regard to stress-related events?

academic disidentification

Tyrone has enrolled at the local university and he wants to study mathematics; however, he feels this may not be the appropriate course of study for his career. Which of the following terms describes what Tyrone is experiencing?


The national dropout rate for African American college students is approximately

Certain personality types match well with certain careers

What was a conclusion developed by John Holland in his personality type theory?


Certain personality types match well with certain careers

companionate love, where strong affection is apparent with people whose lives are deeply involved.

According to psychologist Robert Sternberg, the three components of love include all of the following EXCEPT

executive stage

According to Schaie, the stage in which people in middle adulthood may become involved in town government, service clubs, charitable groups, unions and organizations, where they have a larger purpose in society and can look beyond their individual/family situations is called

how prior experiences are used in problem solving and one’s ability to cope with new situations.

In Sternberg’s theory of intelligence, the experiential aspect of intelligence refers to


In which of the following countries is cohabitation the norm?


According to John Holland’s personality type theory, people who prefer highly structured tasks are described as

fatuous love

According to Robert Sternberg, when two people decide to move in together after knowing each other for only two weeks, this is called

consummate love

According to Robert Sternberg, when two people share a loving, sexually vibrant, long-term relationship, this is called

someone who finds it easy to get close to others and is comfortable depending on them

Which of the following reflects a secure attachment style?

evolutionary factors

Which of the following is an explanation for cross-cultural similarities and gender differences?

academic success

According to Robert Sternberg, the IQ score from traditional tests, such as those administered in a psychoeducational evaluation in schools, relates well to


According to Robert Sternberg, infatuated love develops when only _________ is present


Following the car accident, Hillary felt on edge and worried about everything. The car accident is a type of ____ stressor.


As people grow older, it is natural for them to see some physical decline. This is known as ________.

can i handle it

According to Lazarus and Folkman, in the secondary appraisal phase of dealing with stress, a person would ask the question, _________.


A condition that substantially limits a major life activity such as walking or vision is known as ______.

passed the Americans with Disabilities Act

Tyler has been offered a new job at a company he is very excited to work for. But, Tyler is confined to a wheel chair and the office does not have access for him. What has the U.S. government done to try to prevent this type of situation?

Hillary learned all of her colors in preschool.

Which of the following is an example of the acquisitive stage in Schaie’s model of development?

stereotype threat

Negative societal stereotypes produce a state of ________,which are obstacles to performance that come from awareness of the stereotypes held by society about academic abilities.


The ______ stage of Schaie’s model is found during young adulthood.


College students between the ages of 25 and 35 make up ____ of the student body in the United States.


Traditional IQ tests tend to focus on the ________ aspect of Sternberg’s triarchic theory of intelligence.


The period during late adulthood in which the focus is on tasks that have personal meaning is known as the _____ stage.


Charlotte is overwhelmed with her job and has decided to look for another position to alleviate all the stress she feels. This is an example of ______ coping.

to decide if its implications are positive, negative, or neutral

In the primary appraisal stage of evaluating stress, an individual looks at an event ________.

manage a threatening situation by directly changing it to make it less stressful

An individual would choose to use problem-focused coping when he or she wants to _______.

intimacy vs isolation

According to Erikson, young adulthood encompasses the _________ stage of relationship development.


Cohabitation now makes up about ____ of all U.S. couples


When all three components of Sternberg’s triangular theory are present, it is called _____ love.


According to Holland’s Personality Type Theory, an individual displaying a realistic personality type would be best suited to be a __________.

an increasing similarity of values and beliefs

In the value stage of the SVR theory, the relationship is characterized by __________.

the glass ceiling

Louise will probably have no further advancements at her company. Like most women there, she is unable to get promoted to anything higher than supervisor even though her work quality is excellent. Louise is experiencing __________.


love is a state of powerful absorption in another person.


Today, the median age of first marriage in the United States for men is ____


the SVR theory established by Murstein is an acronym for ____________

career consolidation

According to Vaillant, the period when young adults become centered on their careers is known as _______


Professions that are associated with getting things accomplished are known as _______ professions.

Susan finds it easy to get close to others and has no fear of being abandoned in a relationship

Using Phillip Shaver’s ideas of romantic relationships, which of the following people display a secure attachment style?

Barb’s boyfriend tells her that he loves her and shows that he cares about her needs

In which of the following scenarios is the labeling theory of passionate love demonstrated?

dialectical thinking

Which factor of postformal thought does Stephen engage in when he debates his friends about the current events of the day?


High school dropouts are _____ times more likely to live in poverty than a person with a college education.

early adulthood

The idea of maturation reform occurs during _____


Karen is not very good at coping with new situations. She feels nervous and uncertain about what she should do. Which component of the triarchic theory of intelligence does she need to work on?

they feel the need to have the same level of education as their children

sherry Willis has found three basic goals for adults’ participation in learning. Which of the following is NOT one of these?


Eric told himself that failing the test was no big deal and that he would just make up the grade somehow, even though the semester was nearly over and he had not done well on the previous exams. This is an example of _______ coping.


According to statistics, ____ of U.S. adults are obese


A ________ appraisal comes into play when a person assesses whether his or her coping abilities are adequate to overcome the challenge being posed by a stressful situation.

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