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ECT is used primarily to treat _____.


A biomedical treatment that is based on passing an electrical current through the brain is called _____.


Aversion Therapy

_____ creates anxiety by pairing an unpleasant stimulus with a maladaptive behavior in order to decrease the behavior. Antabuse works to decrease alcohol consumption because the nausea it induces when alcohol is ingested becomes associated with the alcohol. This is an example of _____.

Which of the following is NOT a type of antidepressant drug?


Mood stabilizers are most often used to treat _____ disorders.


This type of group does not have a professional leader, and members assist each other in coping with a specific problem.


Psychiatric professionals may authorize temporary commitment for assessment and treatment of a dangerous or incompetent individual for up to _____.

24 to 72 hrs

_____ therapy uses techniques based on learning principles to change maladaptive behavior.


According to your text, how can you apply REBT to your own life?

Identify and argue against your own irrational beliefs

In _____, multiple people meet together to work toward therapeutic goals.

group therapy

The awareness of one’s true inner thoughts and feelings, and the ability to share them authentically with others, is called _____ in Rogerian therapy.



If a patient falls in love with his therapist, this is likely a result of _____. The displacement of thoughts, feelings, fears, wishes, and conflicts from past relationships onto new relationships is called _____.

According to the humanistic approach to therapy, the basic cause of psychological problems is _____.

blocked personal growth

In psychoanalysis, free association refers to _____.

reporting anything that comes to mind without monitoring its contents

Your text defines family therapy as a psychological treatment that _____.

that attempts to change maladaptive interaction patterns among family members


The system of psychotherapy developed by Freud that seeks to bring unconscious conflicts into conscious awareness is known as _____.

Which of the following is NOT a potential reason for involuntary commitment to a psychiatric hospital?

threats to rob a bank

The physiological basis for systematic desensitization is that _____.

it is impossible for parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems to be dominant at the same time

The three steps in systematic desensitization include all EXCEPT _____.

practicing relaxation to anxiety-arousing stimuli, starting at the top of the hierarchy, with the most anxiety-producing stimuli first


An operative procedure on the brain which is designed to relieve severe mental symptoms that have not responded to other forms of treatment is called _____.


This is an outdated brain operation in which nerve pathways between the frontal lobe and the thalamus and hypothalamus are cut, in hopes of treating psychological disorders.

This type of therapy involves watching and imitating appropriate models who demonstrate desirable behaviors.


Therapies defined as "insight therapies" include ___________.

psychodynamic and cognitive

An insightful awareness, and ability to share another person’s inner experience, is called _____.


Behavior therapists use classical conditioning techniques to decrease maladaptive behaviors by _____.

creating new associations to replace faulty ones

In electroconvulsive therapy, _____.

convulsions activate the ANS, stimulate hormone and neurotransmitter release, and change the blood-brain barrier

Drugs that create feelings of calmness, reduce muscle tension, and lower sympathetic activity in the brain are called _____.

antianxiety drugs

In Ellis’s REBT, the letters ABC represent _____.

Activating event, Belief system, emotional Consequence

This is an approach to psychotherapy in which the therapist combines techniques from various theories to find the most appropriate treatment for the client.


Which of the following therapist-degree pairs is INCORRECTLY matched?

counselors: DSW

Antidepressant drugs are used to treat _____.

depression bulimia some anxiety disorders

Cognitive therapists assume that problem behaviors and emotions are caused by _____.

faulty thought processes and beliefs

According to a(n) _____ therapist, an adolescent who is abusing drugs may be doing so because of maladaptive behavior patterns between various family members.


A _____ has usually had four years of graduate school and one or more supervised internships; a _____ is a medical doctor who has completed a one-year internship and a three-year supervised residency in the biological and therapeutic treatment of mental disorders.

psychologist; psychiatrist

If a client-centered therapist was upset by a client’s verbal abuse of a spouse, which of the following might the therapist do?

Authentically share his feelings in a nonjudgmental manner with the client.

client-centered therapy

employs empathy, unconditional positive regard, genuineness, and active listening focuses on the equality and responsibility of the client in therapy emphasizes the healthy, productive growth potential of people who come to therapy

Chemicals that are used to diminish or terminate hallucinations, delusions, withdrawal, and other symptoms of psychosis are called _____.

any of these options

This is listening with total attention by reflecting, paraphrasing, and clarifying.

active listening

In Rogerian therapy, the role of the therapist is to _____.

provide an accepting environment for a client’s free exploration of important thoughts and feelings

A serious movement disorder associated with prolonged use of antipsychotic drugs is called _____.

tardive dyskinesia

Ellis’ approach to cognitive therapy attempts to eliminate self-defeating beliefs through rational examination. He named his approach REBT, or _____ therapy.

rational-emotive behavior

Prozac and similar drugs work to reduce depression by _____.

blocking reuptake of serotonin

Cognitive therapy alters _____, the things people say to themselves when they interpret events.


The dramatic reduction in numbers of hospitalized patients is primarily attributable to _____.

drug therapy

In family therapy, the identified patient _____.

has often been blamed by the family for problems in the family’s interactions and relationships

The main focus in behavior therapy is to increase _____ and decrease _____.

adaptive behaviors; maladaptive behaviors

Behavior therapy has been effective in dealing with _____.

autism, delinquency, eating disorders

Biomedical therapies are provided by _____.

psychiatrists and other medical professionals

Research suggests that _____ percent of people who receive psychotherapy are better off than people who do not.


In aversion therapy, a form of classical conditioning, _____ compete(s) with the pleasurable associations someone experiences when he or she engages in a maladaptive behavior, like drinking or smoking.

negative associations

The effectiveness of antipsychotic drugs is thought to result primarily from blockage of _____ receptors.


Psychotherapy is defined in your text as the various methods of therapy that _____.

aim to improve psychological functioning and promote adjustment to life

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