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Compared to college students 30 years ago, more students today are:

focusing on career preparation.

Patricia and Raul live together as a romantic couple, but they are not married. Their living arrangement is called:


The decrease of marriage during emerging adulthood in recent years:

has been accompanied by an increase in cohabitation.

Delilah is currently a 22-year-old college student. Like most of her peers she believes that premarital sex is:


Many emerging adults want to engage in sexual activity but know that they are not emotionally ready to be parents. Their solution is:


Why does research suggest caution with regard to cohabitation?

Cohabitors who marry have a high rate of divorce.

A possible fifth stage of cognitive development that characterizes adult thinking is:

postformal thought.

According to Erikson, the stage of intimacy versus isolation:

reflects the desire to share one’s life with someone else.

Which statement about emerging adults is true around the world?

They have more years of education and marry later than their parents did.

For most Western emerging adults, what is considered the primary prerequisite for marriage?


Which is the best example of fluid intelligence?

the ability to quickly recognize relationships between words

Since they are called on to help both the older and younger generations of the family, middle-aged adults have been called the:

sandwich generation.

Jeremy was reared in several foster homes and never knew his parents. When he started working with Kent, he became close to Kent’s family to the point where they fondly referred to him as "our newfound son." The family has "adopted" Jeremy as:

fictive kin.

Which country has experienced a doubling of its diabetes rate in the past 4 decades?

the United States.

In middle adulthood, an individual is considered obese who:

has a BMI of 30 or more.

Which is NOT one of the Big Five personality traits?


Emily is her family’s kinkeeper. This means that she assumes responsibility for:

gathering the family for holidays and disseminating information.

The belief that family members should be supportive of one another even if it means sacrificing individual freedom and success is referred to as:


Approximately 15 percent of U.S. couples are:


In a typical family, the kinkeeper is MOST apt to be:

a middle-aged mother.

Who is most likely to be the healthiest and happiest at age 70?

Annette, who lives with her husband of 40 years.

The study of population numbers is called:


The term "ageism" refers to:

judging people on the basis of chronological age.

Elderly drivers have fewer car accidents than young people do because:

elderly drivers compensate for deficiencies by driving more slowly and avoiding night driving.

Maximum life span is defined as the:

upper limit to which members of a species can live.

Generally, where do the elderly prefer to live?

in their own homes

The view that elderly people need to remain active in a variety of social spheres is called:

activity theory.

Using elderspeak when engaging in conversation with an older adult:

is demeaning.

Erikson called the final crisis of development:

integrity versus despair.

Dementia is:

the pathological loss of brain functioning.

The study of death and dying is known as:


Some people designate a _____, or another person who can medical decisions for them if they are unable to do so.

health care proxy.

According to Kübler-Ross, the first stage of dying is:


Which of the following descriptions is NOT characteristic of a good death?

being alone.

A living will is written to identify:

what medical intervention should be used if the person not conscious when a decision needs to be made.

Which of the following statements is a way that death today is different from 100 years ago?

Death has been removed from daily life.

George is terminally ill and in constant pain. He has asked his doctor for a prescription he can use to end his life. If the doctor gives the prescription and George uses it to die, it is considered:

physician-assisted suicide.

Which of the following statements regarding hospice care is true?

Patients can only be admitted if death is likely within 6 months.

Mrs. Cannon has been diagnosed as terminally ill, but she insists that she will recover and believes that her laboratory results were mixed up or misinterpreted. Kübler-Ross would say that Mrs. Cannon is in the stage of:


The goal of palliative care is to:

relieve patients from pain and suffering.

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