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People chose a particular lifestyle and social context, or _________, because it is compatible with their personlaity traits.

-adult community
-environmental fit
-adaptable environment
-ecological niche

ecological niche

Practical intelligence would be needed to:

-understad the needs of family members
-improve reading speed
-take a standard intelligence test
-study vocabulary for a foreign language test

understad the needs of family members

Generally, early adulthood is characterized by ________ health.

-slowly improving
-fair to poor


Emerging adulthood has traditionally been the optimal time for hard physical work, athletic achievement, and:

-relationship satisfaction.
-job success.
-peer relationships.


Betty is a retired registered nurse who fills in at the local hospital when the staff is in need of nurses. She is frequently called in without advance notice and must take over without any time to get oriented. Betty must rely on what Sternberg calls ________________ intelligence.



A possible fifth stage of cognitive development that characterizes adult thinking is:

-postformal thought
-semiformal thought
-informal thought
-preformal thought

postformal thought

After children have grown, MOST couples find that:

-less time is spent in shared activities
-their financial strains are overwhelming
-their happiness increases
-there are more fights over equity in domestic work

their happiness increases

Which is the best example of fluid intelligence?

-the ability to quickly recognize relationships between words
-the ability to read and interpret a electrocardiogram
-extensive knowledge of computer programming
-knowing the names of the British Monarchs in chronological order

the ability to quickly recognize relationships between words

Sue is 22 years old. Statistically, she is MOST likely to:

-smoke cigarettes.
-use illegal drugs.
-be an addict.
-binge drink.

binge drink.

Which statement is false about people between the ages of 18 and 25?

-Diet and exercise practices tend to improve during this time period.
-Death from disease at this age is rare.
-They go through routine diagnostic tests such as colonoscopies.
-Some people outgrow childhood ailments like asthma at this age.

They go through routine diagnostic tests such as colonoscopies.

Since they are called on to help both the older and younger generations of the family, middle-aged adults have been called the:

-sandwich generation
-midlife generation
-family caregivers

sandwich generation

Regular exercise helps adults in all thesse ways EXCEPT:

-protecting against many diseases
-reducing the risk of depression
-strengthening the heart
-protecting against job loss

protecting against job loss

What is one of Erikson’s stages of adulthood?

-initiative versus guilt
-generativity versus stagnation
-trust versus mistrust
-industry versus inferiority

generativity versus stagnation

Patricia and Rob live together as a romantic couple, but they are not married. Their living arrangement is called:

-a filial relationship
-a common-law marriage


Statistically, which of these 20-year-olds would be the most likely to engage in extreme drinking?

-Hillary, who graduated from college ten years ago
-Henry, who did not go to college and works full-time
-Stanley, who is a college junior
-Jessica, who did not go to college and works part-time

*** Stanley, who is a college junior

According to the text, middle age, if it exists:

-occurs around age 40
-is a more negative stage for men than women
-is a time of crisis
-could begin at age 35 or 50 or anywhere in between

could begin at age 35 or 50 or anywhere in between

George is 65 years old and is experiencing some symptoms of age-related hearing loss. If he is typical for his age, which sound would be the LEAST audible for him?

-ringing in the ears
-the voice of a small child
-a low bass beat
-music on headphones

*** the voice of a small child

Experts tend to be intuitive, automatic, _______, and ______ in their thinking.

-analytical; inflexible
-flexible; analytical
-strategic; flexible
-strategic; inflexible

strategic; flexible

One of the effects of moderate drinking is:

-premature death
-increased risk of liver disease
-a reduction in coordinate heart disease
-increased risk of breast cancer

a reduction in coordinate heart disease

The first visible signs of senescence are usually observed in a person’s :



Intimacy is the desire for:

-social connection
-sexual intercourse

social connection

When students take multiple-choice exams, they are using the form of intellience that Sternberg calls:



An influential factor in divorce is:

-previous divorce of either partner
-the years of education completed by each spouse
-whether the couple has children
-whether the couple owns a home

previous divorce of either partner

The basic intelligence that makes learning quick and thorough is referred to as _________ intelligence.



The decrease in marriage during emerging adulthood in recent years:

-shows that people today need less face-to-face intimacy.
-shows that the generation has attachment issues.
-has been accompanied by an increase in birth rate.
-has been accompanied by an increase in cohabitation.

has been accompanied by an increase in cohabitation.

Which statement is true for people of both genders as they age?

-Sexual responses become quicker.
-Reproduction is less likely.
-The level of sex hormones increases.
-Fertility is increased.

Reproduction is less likely.

According to Erikson, once an emerging adult has established a sense of identity, he or she needs to resolve which crisis?

-intimacy versus isolation
-trust versus mistrust
-generativity versus stagnation
-identity versus roel confusion

intimacy versus isolation

In late adolescence and emerging adulthood, people are able to use both emotion and logic when grappling with personal and social problems; such thinking demonstrates __________ thought.



To solve a problem in his or her special area, the expert is more likely than the novice to:

-give conscious attention to all apsects of the problem
-verbalize exactly how he or she acheives results
-rely on past experiences
-rely on formal procedures

rely on past experiences

Using a drug in a quantity or a manner that harms physical, cognitive, or psychosocial well-being is called drug:



Approximately 15 percent of U.S. couples are:



Which example relies MOST heavily upon crystallized intelligence?

-analyzing relationships between concepts
-solving a crossword puzzle
-knowing the chemical symbols for various elements
-writing a poem about owls

*** knowing the chemical symbols for various elements

When the thought required for an action has become routine, and it appears that most aspects of the task are performed instinctively, the performance of the task is:



The measure of health MOST indicative of the quality of one’s daily life is:

-freedom from mental illness


Emerging adults are in a high-risk category for:

-complications from surgery.
-age discrimination.
-serious injury and violent death.

*** serious injury and violent death.

A group of friends, all about 60 years of age, are playing cards. What characteristic of senescence do they MOST likely have in common?

-Their faces have wrinkles.
-They are unable to drive.
-They wear hearing aids.
-They are nearsighted.

Their faces have wrinkles.

Which of Stermberg’s three forms of intelligence is sometimes called "street smarts"?



Adulthood covers the four decades of life between ages _________ and ____________.

-15; 55
-45; 85
-25; 65
-35; 75

25; 65

Emily is her family’s kinkeeper. This measn that she assumes responsibility for:

-regularly visiting family members who live in care homes
-gathering the family for holidays and disseminating information
-caring for her grandchildren while their parents work
-the financial stability of the family

gathering the family for holidays and disseminating information

Statistically, which statement regarding emerging adults is true?

-Their self esteem often takes a dramatic dip immediately after they leave home but begins to rise again after a few years.
-Their self-esteem will fluctuate as they work through the new challenges and stressors of adulthood.
-Due to the new challenges and stressors that they face, their self-esteem tends to drop initially and then rise again in later adulthood.
-In spite of the new challenges and stressors they face, their self-esteem is higher than earlier due to their new coping strategies and skills they have acquired.

In spite of the new challenges and stressors they face, their self-esteem is higher than earlier due to their new coping strategies and skills they have acquired.

The group of people that moves through life with an individual while providing both protection and encouragement is called a:

-familial collection
-fictive kin
-social convoy
-support network

social convoy

A researcher is compiling data on the incidence of several different diseases. These data reflect:



Difficulty in performing normal activities of daily life is called:



A drop in sex hormones in a woman’s bloodstream along with cessation of ovulation and menstruation signals:

-a need for assisted reproductive technology


According to Erikson, an adult’s failure to achieve generativity results in:

-stagnation and personal dissatisfaction
-difficulties in mate selection or friendship
-intermittent feelings of loneliness
-childlessness and depression

staganation and personal dissatisfaction

On average, well-being increases in emerging adulthood, as does the incidence of:

-psychological disorders
-physical ailments
-vivid dreams
-night terrors

psychological disorders

Paula is a middle-aged doctor who is an expert at laser eye surgery for the correction of myopia (nearsightedness). She graduated from medical school 35 years ago. Daryl is a young doctor who also does the surgery; he graduated from medical school 5 years ago. According to the textbook, who would likely be the better choice for operating on your eyes?

-Paula; she will probably complete the operation more quickly than Daryl
-Daryl; he graduated more recently and knows the most recent techniques
-Paula; she has done the operation so often that she is more strategic and flexible
-Daryl; since he is younger, he thinks faster and can adjust to problems that arise

Paula; she has done the operation so often that she is more strategic and flexible

Which physical change does NOT typically occur in middle adulthood?

-Muscles weaken and waistline widens.
-Skin–especially on the face–has lines and wrinkles.
-The space between the spinal disks widens.
-Hair thins and some gray hairs start to show.

The space between the spinal disks widens.

The term "male menopause" is sometimes used to refer to:

-impotence as a reaction to a wife’s menopause.
-the sudden drop in testosterone that generally occurs at about age 50.
-the age-related reduction in testerone.
-the sudden loss in fertility in a middle-aged man.

*** the age-related reduction in testerone.

As Tom helped himself to his fourth beer, he announced to everyone at the barbecue that alcohol is healthy in moderation. How does the text define "moderation"?

-three drinks per week
-one drink per day
-three drinks per day
-two drinks per day

two drinks per day

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