Psych 206 review ch 3

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During the sensorimotor stage, the child’s main task is to:

use senses and motor skills to understand the world.

The signs of REM sleep include flickering of the infant’s:

closed eyes and rapid brain waves.

In which of Piaget’s sensorimotor stages do infants become aware of things and respond to people and objects?

stage three

Geoff has begun uttering one-word holophrases (e.g. "Dada!"). About how old is Geoff likely to be?

1 year old

Becky is a four-month-old infant whose mother uses a high-pitched voice, simple words or phrases, and lots of repetition when she speaks. Becky delights in her mother’s use of:

child directed speech

When a child is more than two standard deviations underweight for his or her age, the child is suffering from a condition called:


At least _____ billion children were born between the years 1950 and 2010.

10 !

Children reach half their adult height by the age _____ years.


Slow-wave sleep:

increases significantly at about three or four months of age.

An infant’s inborn drive to remedy deficits is called:

self righting

Children as young as _____ old exhibit signs of the own-race effect.

3 months

At approximately what age will a child begin to utter his or her first two-word sentences?

21 months

The process that first detects an external stimulus is:


In which of Piaget’s sensorimotor stages do infants adapt, anticipate, and become more deliberate in responding to people and objects?

stage four

After a child’s vocabulary has reached about 50 expressed words, vocabulary will increase by approximately _____ words per month.

50 to 100

The usual order of the development of spoken language in an infant is:

reflexes, cooing, babbling, and spoken words.

From birth until age two, dendrites in the cortex increase:


Most babies learn to grasp and hold onto objects by about _____ months old.


The brain develops extremely quickly in the first few years, but not all of this growth is permanent. Due to its rapidity and temporary nature, this rapid brain growth is called:

transient exuberance.

The statement, "Multiple attentional, social, and linguistic cues contribute to early language learning" supports the _____ theory of language learning.


The process through which unused and misconnected dendrites atrophy and die is called:


The average North American newborn weighs _____ pounds at birth.


Clean water, immunizations, and nutritious food have all had a dramatic impact on:

infant and child mortality

The average newborn triples his weight by:

1 year

_____ is the understanding that objects continue to exist when they cannot be seen.

object permanence

Britta has begun repeating syllables such as "da-da-da-da" and "me-me-me-me-me." Britta is in the _____ stage of language development.


_____ is the thick, high-calorie fluid that is secreted by a new mother’s breasts in the days immediately following birth.


The dozing, half-awake state often seen in newborns is called:

transitional sleep.

By ______ months of age, babies can usually sit up unsupported.


breast milk:

provides antibodies to fight diseases.

New research on infant long-term memory has shown that infants can remember if the researchers:

use special measures to aid memory retrieval, such as reminders.

The most lethal disease for all children in past centuries was:


Dominique was an infant with very few toys, but she concocted things to play with out of what was available in her home in order to develop her brain. This is an example of:


What is one effect of lower infant mortality rates?

moms have fewer babies

The area in the brain that plans, anticipates, and controls impulses is the _____ cortex.


Neurons in the brain meet at "intersections" called:


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