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20th century

People living in the middle to upper classes had social clocks that were fairly uniform up until the ___________________________.

21 to 27

Psychologist Ravenna Helson found that women finding a spouse and embarking on what Helson called traditional feminine behavior occurs from ages ______________.


Psychologist Ravenna Helson’s research demonstrated that a factor in the course of personality development for women is the process of choosing a particular _________________ clock.


According to Erikson, the focus of a person’s early 30s is ____________________________________________.

three components
decision/ commitment

Psychologist Robert Sternberg suggests that love requires a more complex explanation and is made up of _______________________.

intimacy component

The component of love that comprises the motivational drives relating to sex, physical closeness, and romance is called _________________________________.

empty love

According to Robert Sternberg, when two people are living in an arranged marriage or a couple has decided to stay together "for the sake of the children," this is called______________________________.


According to Robert Sternberg, infatuated love develops when only _________________ is present.

decision/ commitment

According to Robert Sternberg, empty love develops when only _________________________ is present.

romantic love

According to Robert Sternberg, when two people are happily dating one another but not making future plans, this is called _________________________________.

companionate love

According to Robert Sternberg, when two people enjoy each other’s company and their relationship but no longer feel much sexual interest for the other, it is called____________________________________.

fatuous love

According to Robert Sternberg, when two people decide to move in together after knowing each other for only two weeks, this is called____________________________________.


According to Robert Sternberg, liking develops when only ______________________ is present.

intimacy and decision/commitment

According to Robert Sternberg, companionate love develops when ______________________________ is/are present.

passion and decision/commitment

According to Robert Sternberg, fatuous love develops when _________________________________ is (are) present.

consummate love

Stella and Anthony have been happily married for 22 years, and they still enjoy an active sex life and participate in many activities together. Psychologist Robert Sternberg would call their relationship ___________________________.


In what culture do men rank good health more important in marriage than love?

marriage gradient

Jorge has been taught to marry a woman who is younger, smaller, and lower in status. This is referred to as the _______________________________.

african american

In what culture does the marriage gradient make finding a spouse difficult when the person is well educated?

are less long lasting than hetersexual relationships

Research suggests that most gay and lesbian couples ___________________________________________________.

rise in couples living together without being married

For the past three decades, there has been a significant __________________________________________________.


The median age of first time marriage in the U.S. is now _______ for men and ________ for women.

civil solidarity

What is the legal alternative to marriage in France in which couples receive many of the same legal rights as married couples without a legal lifetime commitment?


What percentage of people eventually marry?

9 out of 10

When polled, ___________________ 18- to 29-year-olds rate a happy marriage as an important ingredient to a good life.


What percentage of marriages in the U.S. remain intact?


According to research reported in the text, which country has the least divorce?


In the United States, what is the average amount of money that parents will spend on one child from birth until the child reaches age 18?

1957 world war ll

When did the fertility rate peak in the United States?

replacement level

The number of children that one generation must produce to be able to replenish its numbers is called ________________________________.


What percent of gay men and lesbian women are parents?

difference in terms of eventual adjustment from those raised in heterosexual households

Research suggests that children raised in households in which parents are homosexual show no ____________________________________________________________________.

career consolidation

Psychologist George Vaillant believed that a stage entered between the ages of 20 and 40, when young adults become centered on their careers is called what?

fantasy period

According to Ginzberg, the period lasting until about age 11, when career choices are made, and discarded, without regard to skills, abilities, or available job opportunities is called ____________________________.

tentative period

According to Ginzberg’s theory, the second stage, which spans adolescence, when people begin to think in pragmatic terms about the requirements of various jobs and how their own abilities might fit with them, is called ___________________________.

realistic period

According to Ginzberg’s theory, the third stage, which occurs in early adulthood when people begin to explore specific career options, either through actual experience on the job or through training for a profession, and then narrow their choices and make a commitment, is called____________________________.

certain personalities types match with certain careers

What was a conclusion developed by John Holland in his personality type theory?


According to psychologist John Holland’s research, the greater the correspondence between career choices and _______________________________, the happier people will be in their choice.


According to John Holland’s personality type theory, people who are down-to-earth, practical problem solvers, and physically strong, but have mediocre social skills are best described as __________________________.


Researcher John Holland created the personality type theory, which contains ________ personality traits.


According to John Holland’s personality type theory, people who prefer highly structured tasks are described as ___________________________.


According to John Holland’s personality type theory, people who are risk-takers and take-charge types with good leadership skills are described as ___________________________.


Whose research regarding career choice and personality traits has been validated and used as the foundation for "job quizzes" that people take to see what occupations they might enjoy?

agentic professions

Occupations that are associated with getting things accomplished are called ______________________.


Women today make up _____________% of the U.S. labor force.


In what percentage of households in the U.S. do women earn as much as their husbands?

extrinsic motivation

What type of motivation drives people to obtain tangible rewards such as money and prestige?

intrinsic motivation

The motivation that causes people to work for their own enjoyment, not for the rewards work may bring is called _________________________________.


The evaluation of a role or person by other relevant members of a group or society is called _____________________.

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