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Which of the following is not part of feminist psychology?

favoring women over men

Who started the feminist revolution in psychology?

Naomi Weisstein

The empirical method of study is based on


Functionalist psychologists focus on the function of behavior and

the operation of the whole mind rather than the individual parts

A series of dots arranged in the shape of a face will be perceived as a face, not a series of dots. A psychologist studying this phenomenon is applying the principals of

Gestalt psychology

Behaviorists study

learned behavior

Which of the following is an example of research someone might conduct in the area of health psychology?

whether people working at a desk are more likely to be obese

What is a PsyD

Doctor of Psychology

Who was the first person referred to as a psychologist?

Wilhelm Wundt

When studying personality traits, someone who is practical, conventional, and prefers routine will score low on the ________ trait


For a scientific explanation to be testable, it must also be

perceivable and measurable

According to William James, the purpose of psychology was to

study the function of behavior

What should be changed to make the following statement true? Jean Piaget is famous for his theories regarding changes in emotional ability that occur as we move from infancy to adulthood

The word "emotional" should be changed to the word "cognitive."

What is the number one occupation employing graduates with a BA in psychology?

mid- and top-level management

What do structuralism, Gestalt psychology, and Sigmund Freud all have in common

They were all concerned with describing and understanding the inner experience

Which of the following does not influence perception?


The cognitive revolution created an impetus for psychologists to focus their attention on better understanding

the mind and mental processes that underlie behavior

Which theorist had the most influence in shaping how clinicians interact with people seeking psychotherapy?

Carl Rogers

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