PSYC 1101 Review for Chapter 13

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In interpreting a dream, a psychoanalyst would attempt to discover the dream’s__________.

A) manifest content
B) latent content
C) symbolic content
D) psychological content

B. Latent content

Family counseling is a form of ______ therapy.

A) organic
B) informal
C) group
D) self-help

C. Group

A parent wishes to stop her young son from throwing temper tantrums. You suggest she use extinction and advise her to___________.

A) spank her son whenever he throws a tantrum
B) physically restrain her son when he throws a tantrum
C) ignore the tantrums and pay attention to her son only when he is calm
D) give her son a gold star and a hug whenever he is calm

C. Ignore the tantrums and pay attention to her son only when he is calm

According to Carl Rogers, the __________is how people think they should be.

A) id
B) ego
C) ideal self
D) real self

C. Ideal self

What did Carl Rogers view as a cause of most personal problems and unhappiness?

A) unresolved unconscious conflicts occurring between the id and superego
B) reinforcement of maladaptive behavior patterns
C) unrealistic modes of thought employed by many people
D) mismatch between an individual’s ideal self and real self

D. Mismatch between an individual’s ideal self and real self

Eileen goes to a therapist for help in losing weight. She and her therapist develop a written agreement spelling out weekly step-by-step methods for Eileen to use in order to reach her weight goal. The plan specifies rewards for reaching weekly goals and penalties for not achieving them. Eileen’s therapist is using which of the following methods?

A) a token economy
B) desensitization
C) classical conditioning
D) a contingency contract

D. A contingency contract

A client lies on a couch with the therapist sitting out of sight behind her. The therapist gets to know the client’s problems through free association and positive and negative transference. This is an example of ______ therapy.

A) psychoanalytic
B) person-centered
C) behavior
D) rational-emotive

A. Psychoanalytic

Which of the following is a therapy based on the principles of operant conditioning?

A) flooding
B) aversion therapy
C) token economy
D) systematic desensitization

C. Token economy

John and his wife are having trouble communicating and getting along with one another. Which type of therapy is most likely to help them with their problems?

A) family
B) self-help group
C) individual
D) systematic desensitization

A. Family

Bob has been under a physician’s care for bipolar disorder. Bob’s doctor is most likely to prescribe which of the following to treat Bob’s disorder?

A) tricyclics
B) lithium
C) Prozac
D) Ritalin

B. Lithium

Alice takes lithium to control symptoms of her mental disorder. Alice is most likely suffering from

A) generalized anxiety disorder
B) schizophrenia
C) social phobia
D) bipolar disorder

D. Bipolar disorder

Which of the following is one of the criticisms of behavior therapy?

A) It focuses too much on the past.
B) It only relieves some symptoms of schizophrenia but does not treat the overall disorder.
C) Therapy typically lasts for several years and is very expensive.
D) It focuses on the underlying cause of behavior and not the symptoms.

B. It only relieves some symptoms of schizophrenia but does not treat the overall disorder

Free association is a technique used in ______ therapy.

A) rational-emotive
B) Gestalt
C) person-centered
D) psychoanalytic

D. Psychoanalytic

Every time Alice cleans her room properly and makes the bed she receives a marble. When she accumulates 100 marbles, she can get the new video game she wants. What type of behavioral program are Alice’s parents using?

A) systematic desensitization
B) negative reinforcement
C) modeling
D) token economy

D. Token economy

A physician prescribes a benzodiazepine drug to help alleviate your anxiety. Which drug might you be taking?

A) Thorazine
B) Prozac
C) Elavil
D) Xanax

D. Xanax

Which method of treating phobias involves progressive relaxation and exposure to the feared object?

A) punishment
B) token economy
C) extinction
D) systematic desensitization

D. Systematic desensitization

Which of the following is a therapy based on the principles of classical conditioning?

A) reinforcement
B) systematic desensitization
C) contingency contract
D) token economy

B. Systematic desensitization

Craig is currently in therapy to help him stop smoking. His therapist is using learning techniques to help him modify his smoking habit and develop more desirable behaviors. Craig’s therapist is using________.

A) reflection
B) behavior modification
C) empty chair technique
D) selective thinking

B. Behavior modification

Which of the following is a basic goal of cognitive-behavioral therapy?

A) to help clients change irrational thoughts to rational thoughts
B) to help clients uncover unconscious conflicts and sexual urges
C) to help clients develop a closer match between real and ideal selves
D) to help clients complete unfinished business and become whole

A. To help clients change irrational thoughts to rational thoughts

Which of the following techniques would be most appropriate for treating overeating or smoking?

A) systematic desensitization
B) token economy
C) flooding
D) aversion therapy

D. Aversion therapy

Therapies that focus on the present and assume that people observe the world and the people around them, make assumptions and inferences based on these observations, and then decide how to respond is called___________.

A) person-centered therapy
B) Gestalt therapy
C) cognitive-behavioral therapy
D) behavior therapy

C. Cognitive-behavioral therapy

The most important aspect of successful psychotherapy is the __________ between client and therapist.

A) therapeutic alliance
B) authenticity
C) transference
D) mindfulness

A. Therapeutic alliance

What is a major goal of the Gestalt therapist?

A) to eliminate the client’s undesirable behaviors
B) to facilitate transference
C) to help clients become more aware of their own feelings
D) to provide unconditional positive regard

C. To help clients become more aware of their own feelings

Which person might benefit the MOST from a group therapy environment?

A) Richard, who is withdrawn
B) Suzanne, who has schizophrenia
C) Jasmine, who is uncomfortable in social settings
D) Elena, who is very sociable

D. Elena, who is very sociable

____________ therapies have had considerable success in treating many types of disorders, including depression, stress disorders, anxiety disorders, and even some of the behavioral symptoms of schizophrenia.

A) Humanistic
B) Biomedical
C) Psychoanalytic
D) Cognitive and cognitive-behavioral

D. Cognitive and cognitive-behavioral

Person-centered therapy is a type of ______ therapy.

A) behavior
B) reality
C) cognitive
D) insight

D. Insight

According to Freud, the ___________ of the dream refers to the hidden, symbolic meaning of the dream, which, if correctly interpreted, reveals the unconscious conflicts that created the nervous disorder.

A) resistance
B) manifest content
C) free association
D) latent content

D. Latent content

A type of therapy in which clients meet regularly in a group setting and discuss problems under the guidance of a single therapist is called ______ therapy.

A) group
B) social
C) informal
D) Gestalt

A. Group

Therapeutic approaches that are based on the belief that all normal and abnormal behavior is learned are ______ therapies.

A) traditional psychodynamic
B) cognitive
C) behavior
D) short-term psychodynamic

C. Behavior

In general, antipsychotic drugs work by ______.

A) blocking dopamine receptors in the brain
B) inhibiting the function of the hypothalamus
C) inhibiting the reuptake process of serotonin
D) increasing the amount of acetylcholine in the brain

A. Blocking dopamine receptors in the brain

______ are specifically trained to use biomedical therapies.

A) Psychiatrists
B) Social workers
C) Counselors
D) Family therapists

A. Psychiatrists

Allen, who has a drug abuse problem, is MOST likely to be successfully treated by ______.

A) behavior therapy
B) psychoanalysis
C) Gestalt therapy
D) family therapy

A. Behavior therapy

An advantage to group therapy is that groups ______.

A) bestow unconditional approval on group members
B) allow an extremely shy person to feel more comfortable speaking up
C) are a source of social support
D) allow countertransference to occur

C. Are a source of social support

What do behavior therapists see as the cause of abnormal or undesirable behaviors?

A) discrepancy between the real self and ideal self
B) distortions in thinking
C) learning
D) unconscious conflicts

C. Learning

A therapist is interested in helping her client get a clearer understanding of his motives and actions. This therapist is most likely to be a/an ____________.

A) biomedical therapist
B) insight therapist
C) action therapist
D) relationship therapist

B. Insight therapist

Saleem has been seeing a therapist because she cannot adjust to her new husband’s children from a previous marriage. Although she dearly loves her husband, she feels awkward and embarrassed in front of the children. The therapist suggests that she bring her husband and his children with her to the next session so she can see them interact. Saleem is probably seeing a ______.
A) Gestalt therapist
B) behavior therapist
C) family therapist
D) psychoanalyst

C) family therapist

The use of antianxiety drugs to treat anxiety disorders is gradually being phased out in favor of treatment with _______________ drugs.
A) antidepressant
B) antipsychotic
C) sedative
D) antimanic

A) antidepressant

Lulu sees a professional once a month to manage the medication she is taking to help alleviate the symptoms of her anxiety disorder. The type of therapy Lulu is undergoing is called ______________.

A) electroconvulsive shock therapy
B) physical therapy
C) psychotherapy
D) biomedical therapy

D. Biomedical therapy

Beck’s cognitive therapy is particularly effective in the treatment of ______.

A) somatoform disorders
B) anxiety disorders
C) depression
D) schizophrenia

C. Depression

Every time Jarrad opens his cigarette case or uses his lighter, he gets a painful electric shock. Jarrad’s friends and family have been asked not to give him any cigarettes or light any cigarettes for him, so he must use his own lighter if he wants to smoke. Eventually, Jarrad loses his desire to smoke, thanks to ______.

A) behavioral contracting
B) negative transference
C) aversion conditioning
D) systematic desensitization

C. Aversion conditioning

A goal of family therapy is to ______.

A) identify and treat the person in the family who is the source of the majority of the family’s problems
B) change the needs of individual family members
C) improve family communication and interaction
D) teach family members to remain neutral on sensitive issues

C. Improve family communication and interaction

According to Carl Rogers, the __________is how people see their actual traits and abilities.

A) ego
B) real self
C) ideal self
D) id

B. Real self

According to the Consumer Reports survey, which of the following is accurate?

A) Group therapy is more effective than individual therapy in treating a wide range of disorders.
B) The longer a person stays in therapy, the greater the improvement.
C) Individual psychotherapy works best for every type of disorder.
D) Overall psychotherapy without drugs is not as effective as psychotherapy with drugs.

B. The longer a person stays in therapy, the greater the improvement.

____________ therapies have had considerable success in treating bedwetting, overeating, drug addictions, and phobic reactions.

A) Behavior
B) Psychoanalytic
C) Humanistic
D) Biomedica

A. Behavior

A therapist challenges what she sees as her client’s irrational and self-defeating thoughts. Her goal is to help her client change these thoughts into more rational, helpful, positive thoughts. In addition, she wants to help her client develop strategies that can be used to cope with future problems. She is probably a ______________ therapist.

A) cognitive-behavioral
B) psychoanalytic
C) Gestalt
D) person-centered

A. Cognitive-behavioral

Psychoanalysis was a therapy technique designed by ______.

A) Sigmund Freud
B) Carl Rogers
C) Fritz Perls
D) Alfred Adler

A. Sigmund Freud

A patient scheduled to have an operation called a bilateral cingulotomy may have which of the following diagnoses?

A) antisocial personality disorder
B) bipolar disorder
C) panic disorder
D) catatonic schizophrenia

B. Bipolar disorder

Some drugs that combat depression work by____________.

A) increasing the amount of acetylcholine in the brain
B) increasing the amount of serotonin in the brain
C) inhibiting the function of the medulla and the pons
D) blocking dopamine receptors in the brain

B. Increasing the amount of serotonin in the brain

The behavior of patients with chronic schizophrenia living in mental institutions has been successfully modified through the use of ______.

A) negative reinforcement
B) token economy
C) systematic desensitization
D) reality therapy

B. Token economy

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