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_____ refers to one’s biological maleness or femaleness.
A. Gender identity
B. Sex
C. Gender role
D. Gender


Pat has an XY chromosome pattern and likes to play with trucks. The XY pattern is characteristic of Pat’s _____, and playing with trucks is characteristic of his _____.

sex; gender

Eva Marie has learned that society expects girls to play with dolls rather than trucks, which means she understands her _____.

gender role

The hormonal dimension of sex is defined as the predominance of _____ for females, and _____ for males.

estrogens; androgens

Social learning theory suggests that children learn gender roles _____.
A. by watching and imitating others
B. through rewards for gender-appropriate behaviors
C. through punishment for gender-inappropriate behavior
D. all of these options

D. all of these options

Your self-identification as either a man or woman is called your _____.

gender identity

Individuals who have the genitals and secondary sex characteristics of one sex, but feel as if they belong to the other sex are known as _____.


Bradford wears female clothing because it is sexually arousing; Billy wears female clothing because he believes he is female and wants others to perceive him this way. Bradford is an example of _____, whereas Billy is an example of _____.

transvestitism; transsexualism

If a person is erotically attracted to members of their same sex, that individual is called _____.

gay or lesbian

Your primary erotic attraction toward others is referred to as your _____.

sexual orientation

An individual who engages in both heterosexual and homosexual relations is referred to as _____.


Besides the obvious external physical differences between men and women, researchers have determined all of the following EXCEPT _____.
A. the female hypothalamus directs a cyclical release of female hormones
B. the corpus callosum is larger in men
C. verbal and spatial cognitive skills may be due to differences in the cerebral hemispheres of men and women
D. the male hypothalamus directs a relatively constant release of sex hormones

the corpus callosum is larger in men

Research on aggression has found that _____.
A. boys and males are more physically aggressive than girls and women
B. females display aggression in indirect, relational forms
C. genetic factors account for about 50% of aggressive behavior
D. all of these options

all of these options

A combination of both male and female personality traits is called _____.


Which of the following groups of people generally have higher self-esteem, are more socially competent and motivated to achieve, and exhibit better overall mental health? Those who score _____.

high on either masculinity or androgyny

Studies suggest that _____ are among the MOST androgynous ethnic groups in the United States.


During earlier times, it was believed that _____ led to blindness, impotence, acne, and insanity; while _____ caused brain damage and death.

masturbation; nocturnal emissions

Who were three major contributors to today’s knowledge about sexuality?

Ellis, Kinsey, and Masters and Johnson

Havelock Ellis used _____ to study human sexuality.


Kinsey and his associates used the _____ method to study human sexuality.


Which of the following were developed to discourage masturbation and nocturnal emission?
A. Graham crackers
B. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes
C. spiked penis rings
D. all of these options

D. all of these options

Masters and Johnson researched the _____ aspects of human sexuality.


Which of the following is the CORRECT sequence of events in Masters and Johnson’s sexual response cycle?
A. excitement → orgasm → plateau → resolution
B. plateau → excitement → orgasm → climax
C. arousal → excitement → plateau → orgasm
D. excitement → plateau → orgasm → resolution

D. excitement → plateau → orgasm → resolution

This is NOT in Masters and Johnson sexual response cycle.

desire phase

According to Masters and Johnson, a woman experiencing a leveling off of high arousal, a tightening of the vaginal opening, an expansion of the upper third of the vagina, and increasing sexual tension is in the _____ phase of sexual arousal.


This is characteristic of the excitement phase of sexual arousal.

increased engorgement in the genitals and penile and clitoral erection

During the _____ phase, pleasurable sensations peak and the body discharges its accumulated sexual tension in a burst of muscular contractions.


The body returns to its unaroused state in the _____ phase of sexual arousal.


The period following orgasm during which it is considered physiologically impossible for most men to be further excited to orgasm is called the _____ period.


The sexual strategies theory is based on the belief that men and women choose sexual behaviors that maximize their _____.

reproductive opportunities

Gender differences in sexual desire and behavior can be explained by traditional cultural differences in the division of labor for men and women. This is called the _____.

social role approach

Which of the following theories regarding the origins of homosexuality has NOT been supported by research?
A. The "domineering mother and weak father" theory
B. The "I’m too unattractive to find a date" and "I’ve been hurt by the opposite sex" theories
C. The "I was seduced by an older homosexual" theory
D. None of these theories have been supported by research

None of these theories have been supported by research

A homosexual orientation appears to be the result of _____.

unknown factors

An irrational fear of homosexuality in others or oneself is known as _____.


Your textbook defines a sexual dysfunction as _____.

an impairment of the normal physiological processes of arousal and orgasm

The inability to respond to sexual stimulation to the point of orgasm is defined in the text as _____.

orgasmic dysfunction

Premature ejaculation occurs when a male _____.

has no control over a rapid ejaculation at least 50% of the time

Dyspareunia is defined in your textbook as _____.

painful intercourse

Which of the following sexual dysfunctions are PRIMARILY due to psychological factors?
A. premature ejaculation
B. sexual aversion
C. vaginismus
D. all of these options

D. all of these options

_____ refers to the inability to get or maintain an erection firm enough for intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction

The part of the nervous system that reflexively responds to stroking or touching of the genitals is the _____.

spinal cord

The _____ branch of the nervous system is dominant during sexual arousal, whereas the _____ branch is dominant during orgasm and ejaculation.

parasympathetic; sympathetic

The fear of being judged in connection with sexual behavior is called _____.

performance anxiety

Sexual scripts _____.

are socially dictated descriptions of acceptable sexual behavior

Sexual learning that includes "what to do, when, where, how, and with whom" is known as sexual _____


This is a drug used to treat erectile problems.


AIDS stands for _____.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Franklin tested HIV positive. This MOST likely means that he _____.

has been infected by one of the human immunodeficiency viruses

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