Printmaking Ch 2.3

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Which of the following is a printmaking process?

an impression

When a printmaker rolls ink onto a raised surface and presses a piece of paper onto it, the resulting image on the paper is known as_______________.


This intaglio process makes an image that resembles the effect created by water-based media, and uses melted rosin to create an acid-resistant coating.


an intaglio process employs acid to mar the surface of a metal plate.


This type of printmaking is done by carving away part of a block in order to leave a raised surface that can be linked and printed.


A relief print created out of a sheet of a linoleum is called ____________.


This intaglio printing process involves carefully and clearly scoring a metal plate.


This printmaking tool is a sharp instrument used to mark the surface of a plate.

a woodcut

A relief print created out of a solid wood block is called ________.


This term for plate printmaking means "cut into" in Italian.

an edition

A group of prints that are identical and produced in a limited number is called______________.


The printmaking process means "stone writing" in Greek.


This printmaking process is used for t-shirts, solar panels, and circuit boards.


This intaglio process is achieved by roughening the entire metal plate surface with a rocking tool, then smoothing the areas where the ink is to be wiped away.


This process can be used to create a unique printed image, and involves a clean plate of metal or glass on which the artist carefully inks the image then prints.


This type of printmaking is achieved by "collaging" materials to a surface that will later be inked and printed to paper.

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