Principles of Exercise

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Why should a good warm-up include stretching and activity-specific warm-up actions?

One of the points of performing warm-up exercises is to prevent injury and muscle strain. The best way to ensure that these events do not occur is to warm up the muscles that are going to be used in the exercise regimen.

What are the three components of the FITT acronym associated with overload and progression?

time, frequency, and intensity

Explain the tangible physical benefits of warming up for and cooling down from a workout activity.

Both warm-up and cool down exercises can help prevent injuries associated with workouts. They allow the heart rate to increase and decrease slowly which prevents light headedness and also improves blood flow to the muscles. Overall, warm-up and cool down activities also prevent muscle soreness.

List the principles of exercise.

The principles of exercise include the principle of overload, the principle of progression, and the principle of specificity.

According to the principles of FITT, what is the relation between the intensity of an exercise and the time an exercise needs to be performed?

Intensity and time are related components of an exercise program under the principles of FITT. Intensity refers to the difficulty of a particular exercise while time refers to the length of time the exercise is performed. These two principles are related by the fact that the time spent performing an exercise depends on its intensity. Thus, if an exercise is really intense, less time is needed to do it.

Why do exercise needs vary between individuals?

The amount of exercise a person needs to improve their health depends upon many individualized factors, including personal goals and fitness levels. A person with high levels of physical health will have more significant exercise needs in order to continue improving their health than a less healthy person. In addition, people looking to generally improve their overall health will have very different exercise needs than people looking to target improvement in one area or muscle group.

The __________ of exercise determines the health and fitness benefit of the exercise.


Explain why exercise programs must increase in difficulty and duration over time to remain effective.

The principle of overload recognizes that physical activity has to be at a higher-than-normal level to lead to increased health. As an individual performs exercise at this higher level, however, the body adapts to the increased demand and becomes the new level of normal. Therefore, in order to remain effective, the exercise program must continue to increase in difficulty and duration to maintain the appropriate level of overload that promotes increased health.

What are the three underlying training principles of effective workout programs?

specificity, overload, and progression

Which of the following is NOT a clear example of the application of the principle of specificity?

swimming to improve coordination

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