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Musicians and composers achieved a higher social status during the Romantic era than they had in the Classical era.


Nationalistic feelings inspired composers to incorporate folk songs and dances from their native lands into their works.


Niccolò Paganini was a _____.

virtuoso violinist

Romantic composers rarely used dynamic markings and other expressive comments in their scores to communicate their intentions to musicians.

false , composer developed highly expressive terms such as dolce, cantabile, dolente, maestoso, etc .

The Bohemian artist adhered to the social norms of the establishment.

false, they shocked social norm through peculiar dress and behavior

The French Revolution fostered the rise of a middle-class society.


The French Revolution signaled the transfer of power from the hereditary landholding aristocracy to the _____.

middle class

The large size of the Romantic orchestra resulted in the need for a _____.


Which of the following is NOT typical of Romantic music?

small orchestras (NOT interest in new orchestral forms, increased dissonance expression, or added varied tone color/ timbre)

Which of the following was NOT a new instrument added to the Romantic orchestra?

French horn

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