prelude 4 intro. to music

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The Classical period has been called the Enlightenment.


The system in which the aristocracy sponsored musicians is called:


Classical-era composers rarely performed their own works in concerts.


Who is the French philosopher called the "father of Romanticism"?


The Classical period in music ranged from approximately:

1750 to 1825.

In the eighteenth century, composers were viewed as equals to those at the highest level of society.


Despite intellectual attitudes in the Classical era, few significant advances were made in the sciences.


Interest in Greek and Roman antiquity during the eighteenth century greatly influenced:

all of the above

Which of the following was NOT an eighteenth-century ruler?

Elizabeth I of England

The American Declaration of Independence reflects the intellectual climate of the Classical era.


Of the following, which describes musical life in the Classical era?

The rise of public performances gave composers new venues to perform their works.

The Classical era saw the publication of important new encyclopedias.


Eighteenth-century thinkers and artists turned away from the idealized civilization of the Greeks and Romans and embraced the realism of the Middle Ages.


Romantic elements can be found in the late works of Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven.


Public performances were rare in the Classical era.


Music of the Classical era is characterized by lyrical, singable melodies.


The Sturm und Drang movement came about largely because of two works, written by Schiller and:


Which of the following does NOT characterize the Classical style?

highly chromatic harmony

Which American president was a leading figure during the Classical period?

Thomas Jefferson

Some women achieved fame during the eighteenth century as opera singers and as solo instrumentalists.


A melody composed with a symmetrical four-bar phrase structure delineated by cadences is characteristic of the ____________ period.


The concept of rhythmic regularity suggests:

strong rhythms moving at a steady tempo.

The audience of the eighteenth century, like that of today, was mainly interested in music from the past.


How do Classical artists differ from their Romantic counterparts?

Classical artists emphasize clarity and beauty of form.

Of the following, which historical event did NOT have an impact on the Classical era?

the Russian Revolution

Which role in musical life was socially acceptable for eighteenth-century women?


Which of the following best describes the lyrical melodies of the Classical period?

conjunct, diatonic, and singable

The Classical attitude toward art is considerably more objective than the Romantic.


Which of the following composers was NOT a master of the Viennese school?


The harmony of the Classical-era composers was largely chromatic.


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