Pre-lab exercise physiology

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ventral respiratory group (VRG)

What area in the brain sets the respiratory rhythm?

phrenic nerve

Inspiratory neurons send information to the diaphragm via what nerve?

H+ Hydrogen ions

What directly stimulates the central chemoreceptors, thus increasing respiration?

decreased pCO2 and increased pH

As a result of hyperventilation, what will happen to the partial pressures of CO2 (pCO2) and pH?

pulmonary stretch receptors

Which receptors inhibit inspiration during hyperinflation of the lungs?

sensory input from receptors in joints, neural input from the motor cortex, and other factors

What stimulates increased respiration at the beginning of exercise?

respiratory muscles

A homeostatic control mechanism controls respiration. What acts as the effector(s) in this system?

increased heart rate and increased stroke volume

Which of the following would increase cardiac output to the greatest extent?

increased contractility

How would an increase in the sympathetic nervous system increase stroke volume?

increased end diastolic volume

By what mechanism would an increase in venous return increase stroke volume?

decreased stroke volume and no change in cardiac output

How would a decrease in blood volume affect both stroke volume and cardiac output?

atrial blood carbon dioxide level

What is the most powerful respiratory stimulant in a healthy person?

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