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A bebop performance generally began and ended with

a statement of the main theme by one or two soloists in unison.

The _______ is a pair of single-headed drums played by one performer, popular in north India.


A golden era of American musical theater was created from about


Drums in sub-Saharan Africa

All answers are correct

The following can be said about free jazz:

All answers are correct

William S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan were the writers of

The Mikado.

In the song Ompeh there are _______ references to death.


Short repeated melodic phrases frequently used during the swing era are called


The idea of musical themes for characters (leitmotifs) was developed by which 19th Century composer


Musical instruments whose own material is the sound generator are classified as


A performance style in which the phrases of a soloist are repeatedly answered by those of a chorus is known as

call and response.

Which of the following categories of black folk music is not considered one of the sources for the blues?


The ________ is a long-necked lute with movable frets, seven strings, and nine to thirteen sympathetic strings, popular in north India.


Cool jazz emerged

during the late 1940s and early 50s.

Nonwestern musical scales often contain ________ tones

All of these

The typical swing band had about fifteen musicians, grouped into three sections:

saxophones, brasses, and rhythm.

Which of the following statements is not true?

Nonwestern music primarily employs the same major and minor scales as western music.

Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, the ballet used in the climax of On Your Toes, was choreographed by

George Balanchine.

A _________ is a type of theater that fuses a dramatic script, acting, and spoken dialogue with music, singing, and dancing.

musical comedy

West Side Story contains

an unprecedented fusion of song and drama with electrifying violent choreography.

Bebop, as a musical style, developed in the

early 1940s.

One of the most important American composers of film scores who often collaborated with Alfred Hitchcock was

Bernard Hermann.

The rhythm section of a jazz ensemble usually does not include the


In bebop, the beat of the music was mainly marked by the

pizzicato bass.

In West Side Story the introduction to "America" is based on a type of Puerto Rican song and dance music known as


Nonwestern music is most often transmitted

orally from parent to child or teacher to student.

The melodic instruments, or cornet, clarinet, and trombone, of a Dixieland band were known as the

Front line

In the song Ompeh the performers combine __________ of the languages spoken in Ghana.


The choice of musical instruments in nonwestern cultures frequently depends on

all of the above

Singers in the Middle East and North Africa cultivate a vocal timbre that

has a nasal, intense, and strained tone.

The dramatic importance of dance throughout West Side Story is illustrated through Bernstein’s frequent use of

instrumental interludes intended only for dancing.

The bebop musician who spearheaded developments in cool jazz and then jazz rock is

Miles Davis.

The chord progression usually used in the blues involves only three basic chords: tonic, dominant, and


Musical instruments whose sound generator is a column of air are classified as


In addition to his famous musicals, Leonard Bernstein also wrote successful

All answers are correct.

The jazz style called swing flourished in America from

1935 to 1945.

A typical bebop group might include

a saxophone, a trumpet, and a rhythm section of piano, bass, and percussion.

The "front line" of a Dixieland group included

cornet, clarinet, and trombone

Ragtime is

All answers are correct.

New Orleans style Dixieland flourished in the United States

from 1900 to 1917.

The mbira may be described as a(n)

melodic idiophone with tongues of metal or bamboo attached to a sounding board.

In West Side Story, the two star-crossed lovers are

Tony and Maria.

Musical instruments whose sound generator is a stretched skin or other membrane are classified as


One of the most important solo instruments of the swing era was the


The composer, conductor, and pianist who began his spectacular career as substitute conductor of the New York Philharmonic on only a few
hours’ notice was

Leonard Bernstein.

The rhythm section of a swing band normally consisted of

piano, percussion, guitar, and bass.

The most important way of making music in most nonwestern cultures is by


In West Side Story the song "America" is given a Hispanic flavor with the use of alternations between

6/8 and 3/4 meter.

Drums in sub-Saharan Africa are often considered

All answers are correct.

A pattern of notes used in Indian music to create melody is called


The backbone of a jazz ensemble is its

rhythm section.

Some of the composers who contributed to the creation of the golden era of American musical theater were

George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Richard Rodgers, and Frank Loesser.

Music that has a texture in which all parts perform the same basic melody, but in versions that differ in ornamentation or rhythm, is called


In the "Tower Scene" from Vertigo composer Bernard Hermann raises the tension of the evolving dramatic situation through his use of such
orchestral effects as

all correct

When a voice is answered by an instrument, or when one instrument (or group of instruments) is answered by a chorus, the pattern is referred
to as

call and response

The poetic and musical form of the blues was popularized in the early years of the twentieth century through the publication of Memphis Blues
and St. Louis Blues, composed by

William C. Handy.

Although jazz began in bars and brothels, it is now considered

an American art form

The major center of jazz from about 1900 to 1917 was

New Orleans.

The Latin atmosphere heard in "America" from West Side Story is achieved through the use of such South American instruments as

claves, guiro, and guitar.

Which of the following is not associated with cool jazz?

Ornette Coleman

Bebop differed from earlier jazz forms in that it

was meant for attentive listening, not dancing.

Duke Ellington was an important figure in


The most distinctive feature of New Orleans style jazz was

collective improvisation by the front line.

Chordophones are instruments whose sound generator is a

stretched string.

Which of the following is not a source of the American musical?

The minstrel show

Duke Ellington’s compositions are outstanding because they

all arecorrect

One of the greatest of all jazz improvisers and a towering figure among bebop musicians was the saxophonist

Charlie Parker.

Which of the following is not a characteristic of fusion?

The percussion section is smaller than in earlier jazz.A repeated cycle of beats, or rhythmic pattern, in Indian music is called

A repeated cycle of beats, or rhythmic pattern, in Indian music is called


The blues

all are correct

Leonard Bernstein was influenced, particularly in his ballets, by

Stravinsky and Copland.

The immediate sources of jazz include

all are correct

Leonard Bernstein was a well-known

all are correct

Which of the following is NOT a function of film and music?

Provide songs for the actors to sing

Movie soundtracks can contain

original music and previously existing compositions

The musical loosely based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is

West Side Story.

Cool jazz

was related to bop but was calmer and more relaxed in character.

Which of the following illustrates the use of leitmotif in a film?

The "shark theme" in Jaws

Most of the music of sub-Saharan Africa features

all are correct

Which of the following musicals is not by Leonard Bernstein?


Which of the following is not a film featuring a score by Bernard Hermann?

star wars

Ragtime flourished in the United States

from the 1890s to about 1915.

The most famous blues singer of the 1920s, known as the "empress of the blues", was

Bessie Smith.

The lyrics for West Side Story were written by

Stephen Sondheim.

Blues music is usually written in ________ time.


Since the 1960’s most film music is composed by

freelance composers.

Which of the following is not characteristic of Indian music?

The basic texture is polyphonic.

The leading figures in the free jazz movement were

John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman.

A type of music of the Akan-speaking peoples of Ghana is known as


Which of the following statements is not true with regard to sub-Saharan Africa?

Vocalists in Africa often use the pressure drum to accompany themselves.

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