PMP Chapter 13

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A(n) _____ is a tool used to document, monitor, and track problems that need resolution

issue log

The project team must take corrective action if stakeholders with _____ are categorized as resistant or unaware.

high interest and high power

The stakeholder register is the output of the _____ process of project stakeholder management


Scope, time and cost goals in order of importance can be ranked on a(n) _____.

expectations management matrix

_____ is the new knowledge area identified by the Project Management Institute

Project stakeholder management

_____ involves determining everyone involved in the project or affected by it, and determining the best ways to manage relationships with them.

Identifying stakeholders

Which of the following is true about identifying stakeholder?

Stakeholders with indirect ties to the project need not be engaged with.

The main output of the _____ process is the stakeholder register.

Identifying stakeholders

The project team must take corrective action if stakeholders with _____ are categorized as resistant or unaware.

high interest and high power

_____ involves monitoring stakeholder relationships and adjusting plans and strategies for engaging stakeholders as needed.

Controlling stakeholder engagement

After identifying and analyzing stakeholders, the project manager and team should develop a(n) ______ to help them effectively engage stakeholders and make sure that good decisions are made throughout the life of the project.

stakeholder management plan

Doctors who have been co-opted to actively participate in a project related to using information technology for chronic health problems would be examples of _____ stakeholders.


One of the main outputs of the _____ process are the issue logs.

Managing stakeholder engagement

The project team must take corrective action if stakeholders with high interest and high power are categorized as _____.


The purpose of _____ is to identify all people or organizations affected by a project, to analyze their expectations, and to effectively engage them in project decisions throughout the life of a project.

project stakeholder management

_____ can be perceived as enemies or allies by stakeholders depending on the outcomes of a project.

Project managers

_____ are individuals, groups, or organizations who may affect, be affected by, or perceive themselves to be affected by a decision, activity, or outcome of a project.

Project stakeholders

_____ can be classified as internal to the organization or external.

Project stakeholders

The project sponsor, project team and the support staff would be the _____ project stakeholders


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