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The "sandwich" key on the piano keyboard is always D.


The pitch letter names correspond to:

The white keys on a piano keyboard

The name of the white key to the immediate left of the group of two black keys on the keyboard is:


The name of the white key in between the group of two black keys on the keyboard is:


If you take any pitch on the keyboard, the next occurrence of the same letter name going towards the right (up) will vibrate:

Twice as fast

The black key to the right of G is called G_____.


The interval between any two adjacent C’s on the keyboard is called a/an______.


If the frequency of the C in the middle is 256 Hz, the corresponding frequencies on either side of that C are:

512 Hz on the one to the right, and 128 Hz on the one to the left

We refer to specific pitches or tones with letter names using the letters A through G.


The black key to the right of the F on this keyboard can be called F sharp or G______.


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