PhysioEx Exercise 8

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Which of the following describes the effect of boiling and freezing?

Boiling denatured the enzyme, but freezing had no effect.

What does a strong IKI result indicate?

Substrate is present.

The presence of reducing sugars _______.

is detected using Benedict’s reagent

Which tubes demonstrated amylase activity with a small amount of reducing sugar produced?

tubes 7 and 8

Enzymes are _______.

made of protein and are catalysts

The substance that the enzyme acts on is called its _______.


Amylase is secreted by _______.

both the salivary glands and the pancreas

Maltose is a _______.


The purpose of this activity was to look at the effect of _______.

enzyme/substrate specificity

Which of the following enzyme/substrate combinations is matched INCORRECTLY?

All are matched correctly.

The cellulase in this experiment came from _______.


What did the results of tube 3 demonstrate?

Amylase does not digest cellulose.

When using the Benedict’s assay, which color would indicate the most reducing sugar present?

reddish brown

IKI is used to test for the presence of _______.

starch and cellulose

Substrates are held in the active site by _______.

hydrogen and ionic bonds

What is the difference between cellulose and starch?

They are linked differently.

What occurred when pepsin was boiled?

It was inactivated.

Pepsin is _______.

a peptidase, an enzyme that digests protein and a protein that digests protein

Which test tubes were used to determine the optimal pH for pepsin activity?

tubes 2, 5, and 6

The optimal pH for pepsin activity is _______.


The building blocks for peptides are _______.

amino acids

Pepsin is secreted by _______.

chief cells

Pepsin is classified as _______.

an enzyme and a peptidase

When BAPNA is hydrolyzed, it _______.

changes from colorless to yellow

Which test tubes were used to determine the optimal pH for lipase activity?

tubes 1, 5, and 6

Which test tube had the highest lipase activity?

tube 1

Why is gastric lipase NOT as active as pancreatic lipase?

The pH of the stomach is too low and no bile is present in the stomach.

The substrate of lipase is _______.


Triglycerides _______.

All of the above are true.

Adding bile to triglycerides _______.

increases the surface area of the triglycerides

Which of following does NOT secrete a lipase?

the small intestine

Prior to lipase digestion of triglycerides, the solution would be _______.

more basic

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