physical science mid-term

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which is a pure substance? A) solutions B) compounds C) homogeneous mixtures D) colloids

B) compounds

which of the following is NOT a pure substance? A) milk B) oxygen C) water D) carbon dioxide

A) milk

a substance that is made up of only one kind of atom is a(an)… A) compound B) homogeneous mixture C) element D) solution

C) element

if an unknown substance CANNOT be broken down into simpler substances it is. . . A) compound B) an element C) made of one kind of atom D) both B and C

D) both B and C

what is the symbol for aluminum? A) AL B) Al C) Au D) A

B) Al

the symbol for gold is … A) Au B) Al C) Gl D) Go

A) Au

If a material contains three elements joined in a fixed proportionit is a (an)… A) mixture B) solution C) atom D) compound

D) compound

water is a compound because it… A) can be broken down into simpler substances B) alwasy has two hydrogen atoms for each oxygen atom. C)is made of water atoms joined togather D) both A and B

D) both A and B

which of the following is a mixture? A) carbon dioxide B) silicon C) silicon dioxide D sand

D) sand

which of the following is a characteristic of a mixture? A) has varying properties B) has a fixed composition C) contains only pure substances D) both A and B

A) has varying properties

a mixture that appears to contain only one substance is a (an)… A) homogeneous mixture B) heterogeneous mixture C) compound D) element

A) homogeneous mixture

which of the following is a heterogeneous mixture? A) water in a swimmimg pool B) sugar water C) a jar of mixed nuts D) stainless steel

C) a jar of mixed nuts

a mixture can be classified as a solution, suspension, or colloid based on the… A) number of particles it contains B) the size of its largest particles C) color of its particles D) size of its smallest particles

B) the size of its largest particles

you are about to open a container of soy milk but notice that there are instructions to "shake well before serving" the soy milk is most likely a…. A) solution B) pure substance C) colloid D) suspension

D) suspension

which of the following is malleable? A) glass B) pottery C) ice D) gold

D) gold

which of the following has the highest viscosity? A) corn syrup B) milk C) water D) orange juice

A) corn syrup

a substance has a melting point of 0C and a boiling point of 100C. the substance is most likely… A) water B) hydrogen C) gold D) table salt

A) water

a material that is malleableand conducts electricty is most likely… A) wood B) ice C) a metal D) motor oil

C) a metal

what physical properties of nylon and leather make them good materials for shoelaces? A) high density and low conductivity B) durability and flexability C) hardness and durability D) low viscosity and flexability

B) durability and flexability

which of the following materials is useful for making molds because it has a low melting point? A) wood B) metal C) clay D) wax

D) wax

filtration can be used to separatemixtures based on… A) their boiling points B) their densities C) thier melting points D) the size of thier particles

D) the size of their particles

what method can be used to serparate parts of a liquidmixture when the entire mixture can pass through a filter? A) filtration B) distillation C) straining D) screening

B) distillation

when a physical change in a sample occurs, which of the following does NOT change? A) shape B) temperature C) volume D) composition

D) composition

which of the following is a physical change? A) sawing a piece of wood in half B) burning a piece of wood C) rust forming on an iron fence D) a copper roof changing color from red to green

A) sawing a piece of wood in half

flammability is a material’s ability to burn in the presence of… A) hydrogen B) nitrogen C) oxygen D) carbon dioxide

C) oxygen

a substance that has high reactivity… A) easily combines chemically with other substances B) burns in the persence of water C) displaces dissolved oxygen D) has a high boiling point

A) easily combines chemically with other substances

which of the following is NOT a clue that a chemical change has occured? A) change in color B) production of gas C) formation of a precipitate D) change in shape

D) change in shape

during which of the following chemical changes does a precipitate form? A) vinegar is added to baking powder B) lemon juice added to milk C) lemon juice is added to water D) a banana ripens

B) lemon juice is added to milk

which of the following is a chemical change? A) ice melting B) ice being carved C) water boiling D) water breaking down into hydrogen and oxygen

D water breaking down into hydrogen and oxygen

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