Physical Activity and Cardiorespiratory Fitness

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Describe how a multistage fitness test works and what it is intended to do.

The multistage fitness test is intended to measure a participant’s maximum oxygen intake, or VO2 max. The test is similar to a shuttle run. The participant runs between two blocks that are 20 meters apart. They must complete each length before a prerecorded beep sounds. As the test continues, the beeps increase in frequency. The test ends when the participant fails to complete a segment before the beep sounds or if they complete all the runs. Participants then compare their completed level to a chart to find their maximum oxygen intake.

Aerobic exercise forces the body to provide extra oxygen to the muscles.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the methods of calculating maximum oxygen intake?

The three methods of measuring maximum oxygen intake are the multistage fitness test, the direct VO2 max measurement, and the estimated VO2 max. The multistage fitness test is useful because many people can do the test at once, and the results are reasonably accurate, although it can be difficult to find the audio equipment to play the beeps. The direct VO2 max measurement is very accurate but requires special equipment, which is usually only available to medical professionals. The estimated VO2 max is simple to find and doesn’t require activity, but it is the least accurate method of determining maximum oxygen intake.

Cardiorespiratory fitness can only be measured through exercise.


The respiratory system should remove which of the following from your body?
A. carbon monoxide
B. carbon dioxide
C. oxygen
D. oxygen bioxide

B. carbon dioxide

Explain how the cardiovascular and respiratory systems work together to deliver oxygen to the body.

The respiratory system inhales oxygen through the nose and mouth and collects it in the lungs. The oxygen is absorbed into the blood, which then travels throughout the body through arteries. The blood delivers oxygen to every part of the body. Once the oxygen has been delivered, that deoxygenated blood then travels back to the lungs through the veins. The deoxygenated blood drops off carbon dioxide in the lungs, which is then expelled through exhalation.

Body composition has little to do with cardiorespiratory fitness.


Why do males tend to have better cardiorespiratory fitness than females?
A. Males tend to have higher levels of hemoglobin in their blood.
B. Females tend to have higher levels of hemoglobin in their blood.
C. Males tend to have higher levels of body fat than females.
D. Females tend to have more lean muscle mass than males.

A. Males tend to have higher levels of hemoglobin in their blood.

Doctors can directly measure a person’s maximum oxygen intake by measuring their oxygen intake while they __________.
A. do as many push-ups as possible
B. run on a treadmill, which increases speed
C. do jumping jacks until they are tired
D. sit motionless with a resting heart rate

B. run on a treadmill, which increases speed

Describe the factors that influence the level of cardiorespiratory fitness a person is able to achieve.

The factors that influence cardiorespiratory fitness are age, gender, genetics, body composition, and a person’s level of conditioning.

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