Personal Health-Wellness- Chapter 12

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Essential nutrients include all of the following EXCEPT


The process by which the foods you eat are broken down and absorbed is called


Which of the following essential nutrients do NOT supply energy?


Fat provides ____________________ calories per gram.


Proteins and carbohydrates each provide _____________ calories per gram.


Which of the following statements about alcohol is TRUE?

Is is not an essential nutrient

Which of the following essential nutrients is most important in the formation of bones and muscles?


Of the 20 common amino acids, how many are termed "essential"?


Protein sources that provide (in adequate amounts) all the amino acids that cannot be manufactured in the body are considered


Meats, fish, poultry, and eggs are sources of ____________ protein.


Foods from most plant sources supply ___________ proteins.


Which of the following will help Lupe with an adequate daily intake of protein?

All of these

The recommended daily intake of protein is ______________ of total daily calories.

10-35 %

Which of the following is NOT a function of fats?

They remove waste products

Most of the fats in food are in the form of


The essential fatty acids, linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids, are both


Saturated fats are primarily

Found in animal food sources and solid at room temperature

Leading sources of saturated fat in the American diet include all of the following EXCEPT


Which of the following does NOT contain mostly monosaturated fatty acids?

Palm oil


Turns unsaturated liquid oils into more solid partially-saturated fats

One by-product of hydrogenation is

Trans fatty acids

Which of the following statements about vegetable oils that have been hydrogenated is TRUE?

They tend to be higher in saturated fat

Which of the following statements about trans fatty acids is TRUE?

All of these statements are true

One good source of omega-3 fatty acids is


When reducing fat intake, the emphasis should be placed on lowering intake of

Trans fatty acids

Which of the following macronutrient distributions in consistent with the Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Ranges set by the Food and Nutrition Board?

10 percent of daily calories as protein, 65 percent of daily calories as carbohydrate, 25 percent of daily calories as fat

When John doesn’t eat enough carbohydrates to satisfy his body’s needs, where will his body get the needed fuel?


Which of the following is/are NOT considered among the simple carbohydrates?


Which of the following are richest in complex carbohydrates?

Grains and legumes

The liver and muscles store carbohydrates in the form of


The refinement of whole grains transforms whole-wheat flour into

White flour

Refined grains

Tend to be much lower in fiber and vitamins than whole grains

Consumption of whole grains has been linked to

A reduced risk of heart disease

Fiber can help

Do all of these

All of the following are good sources of viscous types of fiber EXCEPT

Wheat bran

The primary function of vitamins is

None of these is correct

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