Personal Health and Wellness

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Spiritual health is defined by __________.

D. none of the above

How can you increase your awareness of hereditary diseases?

D. all of the above

Which of these choices is NOT a cultural influence on our wellness?

C. hereditary diseases

Sarah has optimal health, but she lives in a metro area that has high levels of air pollution. Which dimension of health will be lower for Sarah?

C. Environmental

Premature death can occur if the dimensions of health are underdeveloped.


The media’s role is primarily entertainment, so it has little effect on our wellness.


Which of the following does NOT contribute to wellness?

B. tendencies

Falls are the leading cause of injury to seniors.


How has the development of technology positively affected our wellness?

B. It has increased the quality and availability of treatments.

A(n) _________ person is free from mental illness, has a desire to try new things, and high self esteem.

B. mentally healthy

Which of the following is a controllable risk factor of infectious diseases?

A. drug abuse

A risk factor can be defined as anything that increases the likelihood of injury or disease.


Making good lifestyle choices will prevent all diseases.


According to the direct instruction, which of the following is a leading cause of death among young people in the United States?

C. Accidents

Close to 1 million premature deaths are caused by air pollution each year around the world.


Deaths due to lifestyle diseases have declined since the early 1900s.


An advocate speaks out in favor of something they believe in.


Which of the following is NOT a reason why communicable diseases, such as pneumonia, kill fewer people today than they did in the past?

B. slower population growth

Amanda (age 39) lives a very hectic life that allows for little sleep.

D. heredity, age, and gender

If someone is predisposed to a disease, they are more likely to contract the disease due to __________.

B. heredity

Wellness is a goal for which we all strive by improving each of the six dimensions of health.


Overall health is related to a balance of the six dimensions of health.


Which of the following is NOT an effective way of taking charge of your health and wellness?

C. following the advice of the media

An individual is a fifty-year-old smoker that lives in a highly polluted city, gets no exercise, eats fast food every day, and has a family history of lung cancer. Which of the following is an uncontrollable risk factor?


Someone who promotes health and chooses safe, healthy, and legal behaviors is demonstrating which of the following skills?

C. being responsible

Heart disease and cancer were two of the most common causes of death in 2006.


Two components of your environment that can affect your wellness are peer influence and role models.


Lifestyle diseases are caused by a combination of __________.

A. heredity, unhealthy behaviors, and the environment

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