Perseus and Atlanta

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What is an example of the influence of Greek mythology and symbols on our culture?

all of these

What should you consider in order to find the theme in a piece of literature?

You should examine the behavior of the main characters and see what, if any, lesson they have learned in their struggles. Look for elements that are emphasized in the story. Consider what the story values in humans and life. When you put all of that together, you should have an idea of the theme the author is trying to relate.

Which description defines the character archetype of the Lady Warrior?

a strong, beautiful woman with athletic abilities; she may disguise herself as a man

Review the actions and description of Theseus. Then, name and explain which character archetype fits Theseus <b>best</b>.

The archetype illustrated by Theseus is the Hero. The excerpt mentions "heroic feats of daring" and we see him defeat and kill the fierce Minotaur, thus releasing the Athenians from the horrible sacrifices they have been forced to make to the King of Minos.

Explain how the myth of Perseus illustrates the influence of culture and history on a work’s theme.

Perseus lived in a time when society was changing. In earlier times, a leader was simply the best warrior. After defeating the enemy, a ruler’s major goal was to preserve his own rule. Perseus represents the new kind of leader, one who is more concerned with the needs of the people. Additionally, this story illustrates what happens to those who ignore the laws of their gods as well as the rewards that come to those who honor them and their laws.

Identify Atalanta’s archetype and select one modern female character to explain how that character represents the same archetype.

Atalanta represents the Lady Warrior and is a major influence in the creation of Hermione in the Harry Potter series. Atalanta excels in athletics and competitions that generally only include men. While she doesn’t compete in the games at Hogwarts, Hermione fights alongside Harry and Ron when they encounter danger. She even punches Malfoy in the nose in one adventure. Like Atalanta, she is brave, feminine, and beautiful.

Which situational archetype is seen in the story of Perseus?

Hero’s Journey

Explain how the Antihero archetype differs from the Hero archetype.

A Hero represents the best of society. The Hero is all that is admired in terms of characteristics, talents, skills, and behaviors. The Hero acts in the interest of society, putting the needs of others before his or her own needs. An Antihero has some qualities of the Hero but is lacking in some significant way. For example, the Antihero is often selfish and concerned more with his or her own well-being than that of society. An Antihero may also use illegal or immoral means to achieve a worthy goal.

Which character archetype fits the character of Ariadne <b>best</b>?


Which of the following is an aspect of the Hero’s Journey that we see in the myth of Perseus?

being called to adventure

Which phrase defines "atonement" <b>best?</b>

satisfaction or compensation for a wrong

Which theme can a reader derive from the story of Pandora?

Even though life may be hard, we can still have hope for something better.

How does the prophecy of Acrisius’ death come true?

In a competition, Perseus throws a discus that goes astray and hits Acrisius in the head, killing him.

The owl has become a symbol of wisdom in our culture partly because of its association with the Greek goddess of wisdom, __________.


Which situational archetype is often found in fantasy fiction such as Lord of the Rings?

the Quest

Why were Atalanta and her husband turned into lions?

to punish them for offending one of the gods

Which theme can be found in the story of Atalanta?

Women can be as strong and skilled as men.

How do the characters of Acrisius and Perseus illustrate the old and new kinds of leaders?

Acrisius represents the old order that relied on control and fear to rule; Perseus shows courage, concern for others, and wisdom.

What did Acrisius do to try to keep the prophecy of his death from being fulfilled?

He set his daughter and her child adrift at sea in a sealed chest.

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