Peripheral Devices Part 2

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During the POST, you receive a message stating: Keyboard not present. Press F1 to continue. What are the most likely causes of this error message?

A poor keyboard connection A stuck key on the keyboard

You are trying to connect a new USB device to your computer. You install the driver, then connect the device to an open USB port. The device does not work. What should you do first?

Make sure the USB device is plugged in properly

A user complains that his USB scanner no longer works. You check Device Manager and see an icon with a black down arrow on it. What should you do?

Enable the device in Device Manager

You have just installed a new device in your Windows system. After installation, you can’t use the device. You check Device Manager and find an icon for the device with a yellow exclamation mark over it. What should you do?

Download the latest driver from the manufacturer’s Website

A user installs a new graphics application on her Windows system. During the installation process, the application prompts the user to load a custom video drier that has been optimized for the application. She does so and then completes the installation. Several days later, the user reports that her display doesn’t seem to be working properly under some conditions. To fix the problem, you need to reload the old video driver. How could you accomplish this?

Revert the system to a restore point prior to installing the video driver. Use Device Manager to roll back the video drvier

You have just connected a new USB device to your Windows system. You used the installation disc that came with the device to install the drivers needed to support the device. After installation, the system frequently crashes when you try to access the new device. What should you do?

Download and install the latest driver from the manufacturer’s Wbesite

You have just installed several devices at once to a computer, but now the computer fails to boot properly. What should you do?

Remove all of the newly added devices and install them one at a time

Which system utility would you use to troubleshoot hardware devices, examine and control the resources used by specific devices, and install updated device drivers?

Device Manager

You have just installed a new hardware device, upgrading the driver, and installed the custom software that came with device. Now you can’t get the device to work. What should you do first?

Run any diagnostic software that came with the device

You recently installed a fiber-optic network in an expansion slot in your system’s motherboard. You no longer need to use the integrated UTP network board that is integrated in the motherboard.


In which of the following situations would driver rollback to the best tool to use?

You recently installed a new video and now the system behaves erratically.

You have installed a device in your system and have run the Add a device wizard from the Control Panel. Under what circumstance would it be appropriate to continue with the wizard if the device was not discovered?

The device does not support plug and play

Most devices that you install in a system require little to no configuration; they simply work after you plug them in. This in because devices are automatically assigned the system resources needed to for the device to begin functioning. What are the three types of system resources that are usually automatically assigned?

I/O address, IQR, DMA channel

Device manufacturers are constantly finding bugs, vulnerabilities, or better ways for their devices to communicate with the operating system. Because of this, what should you do before you install a new device?

Obtain the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website before installing the device

As a member of the help desk administration team you’ve been assigned to upgrade the driver for the network adapter that is installed on most of the machines in your department. You have a copy of the latest driver on a USB flash drive. Which Windows utility will allows you to manually upgrade this new driver?

Device Manger

For which type of device will you typically install the driver before you connect the device to your system?

USB devices

On a Linux system, what is the name of the directory where you will find a text file called devices that contains information about the devices that are configured on the system?


Which of the following is true of most newer SATA drivers?

They can be added to or removed from a system without shutting down the computer.

Allows two devices in a computer to send information to each other

I/Q address

The method used by different system device to interact with the CPU

IQR (Interrupt Request)

Conduits used by high-speed devices to bypass the CPU and communicate directly with RAM

DMA (Direct Memory Access)

Allows a device to request processing time from the CPU

IQR (Interrupt Request)

Each device in a computer must have its own

I/Q adress

Which of the following terms describes a PC card that you can insert and remove without rebooting the computer?


You are installing an upgrade driver for a hardware device in your system. A dialog box displays indicating that Microsoft has digitally signed the driver you are installing. What benefits foes driver signing provide?

The driver has been tested by Microsoft The driver file has not been altered.

How would you view a list of all IQRs and the device using each IQR?

In device Manager, click View > Resources by type

Which system utility would you use to troubleshoot hardware devices, examine and control the resources used by specific devices, and install updated device drivers?

Device Manager

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