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When following a resistance-training program, it is important to let each muscle group rest for ________ before taxing it again with resistance exercises.

48 hours

The root cause of delayed onset muscle soreness is

microdamage to muscles

Regular resistance training

protects the body from injuries

A group of repetition is called a set T/F


Muscular fitness is defined as the ability

of the musculoskeletal system to perform daily activities without undue fatigue

A muscle contraction with constant speed is


Age-related muscle loss can be slowed with resistance training T/F


Gains in muscular endurance are best developed with

lower resistance and more repeitions

Muscular endurance is defined as the ability

to contract a muscle repeatedly over an extended period of time

Muscular strength is defined as the ability

of a muscle to contract with maximal force

Type I (slow-twitch) muscle fibers

utilize oxygen to contract

An eccentric contraction occurs when a muscle

lengthens as it contracts

When assessing muscular strength, a 1 RM test

measures the maximum amount of weight that can be lifted one time

The best way to keep yourself from doing the Valsalva maneuver is to

exhale as your perform a lift

A muscle contraction with no change in muscle length is


The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 1-3 sets per resistance exercise for beginners. T/F


Resistance exercises stress what aspect of the body

musculoskeletal system

Skeletal muscles taper at the ends to form ___ which attach muscles to bones


Which is an advantage of using machine weights for resistance training instead of free weights?

safe and less intimidating for beginners

An individual muscle cell within each skeletal muscle is called a

muscle fiber

One advantage of a stability ball for resistance work is

the development of core strength

A muscle contraction with overall muscle shortening is


Hypertrophy is a physiological change resulting from resistance training that involves which of the following?

increased muscle cross-sectional area

Type II muscle fibers (fast-twitch)

are easily fatigable

When choosing resistance exercises to include in a beginning fitness program aimed at general muscular fitness,

choose 8-10 basic full body resistance exercises

Flexibility is the ability of the joints to

move through a full range of motion

Fibrous tissues that connects bone to bone are called


Lack of flexibility can cause changes in posture T/F


If your flexibility is within "normal" levels and you simply want to maintain that level, how many days a week should you do your stretching exercises?

2 days

Lowering your weight and body fat levels to within recommended ranges will reduce your risk of lower-back pain. T/F


Gentle stretching and relaxation of muscles will

decrease stress hormones

Stretching that involves using voluntary contractions to help facilitate relaxation is known as ________ stretching.

PNF (Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)

Benefits of regular stretching include improved


The prevalence of lower-back pain rises with

increase body fat

If a stretch reflex is activated, the muscle will


April is stretching her shoulder by extending her arm up and slowly rotating it back until she experiences mild discomfort. She then holds that position for 30 seconds. By this description, April is performing ________ stretching.


As muscle temperature increases, flexibility decreases. T/F


Muscle injury can occur from quick, bouncy movements because

the stretch reflex is creating tension while the muscle is lenthening

The best time to stretch is just before a workout T/F


Stretching characterized by bouncing or jerky movements is known as ________ stretching


Connective tissues that attach muscle to bone are called


The best way to gauge your overall flexibility is by perfoming

a series of range-of-motion tests

When stretching, you should hold each stretch for at least

10 seconds

Stretching that involves mimicking movements performed in a workout or sports activity is known as ________ stretching.


The simplest method of stretching for people who are just starting a stretching program is ________ stretching.


________ flexibility is a measure of a joint’s overall range of motion.


The sit-and-reach test measures flexibility in the

hamstrings, lower back, and hips

HDL cholesterol

helps protect against heart disease

The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for sodium is

2400mg or less per day

Humans are made up of approximately ___% of water


Essential nurtients

can only be obtained from the diet

People under stress often

use sugar to alter energy levels

Chemical compounds that supply the energy and raw materials we need to survive are known as


A good source of complex carbohydrate includes


Organic compounds that we need in tiny amounts to promote growth and help maintain health are known as


Excess fat-soluble vitamins tend to be stored in the body T/F


Simple carbohydrate primarily provide


Which o is a role of sodium in the body

regulate the water contents of blood and body fluids

Subunits of protein molecules are known as

amino acids

The "bad cholesterol," which leads to plaque deposits in blood vessels, is known as


The fatty acids in most foods and in the body occur in the form of


Of the 20 different types of amino acids, ________ are considered essential.


A measure of the amount of chemical energy that a food provides is known as

a calorie

Proteins from plant sources

can be combines to obtain complementary proteins

Substances that form the major structural components of the body are known as


Water is used in the body to

facilitate transport of substances

The current USDA website

uses a 2,000 calorie diet as the basis for recommendations

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