pc preaux 8.4.5 (notebook troubleshooting)

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You’re troubleshooting a notebook system that uses a digitizer pad and stylus for user input. The user has complained that the digitizer pad registers stylus taps about 1 inch to the right of where the tap actually occurred. How can you fix this problem?

Recalibrate the digitizer pad

A user is trying to log into Windows on her notebook computer. She enters the correct password for her user account, but the system wont let her authenticate, claiming the wrong password has been entered. What’s causing the problem?

She has turned Num Lock on causing numbers to be sent from the keyboard instead of letters

You’re troubleshooting a malfunctioning notebook computer. Nothing appears on the LCD display when the system is powered on. When you connect an external monitor to the system, the Windows desktop is displayed properly on the monitor. What could be causing this problem?

— The LCD assembly is malfunctioning — The display output has been redirected to the external monitor port using a Fn key.

You’re troubleshooting a malfunctioning notebook computer system. The user has indicated that the screen is always dark and difficult to read even while the system is plugged into a wall outlet. You checked the system and determined that the blacklight isn’t working. Which of the following could be the cause?

The LCD cutoff switch is stuck in the Off position

You’re troubleshooting a malfunctioning notebook computer. Nothing appears on the LED display when the system is powered on. What is the first thing you should do?

Plug in an external monitor

Youre troubleshooting a malfunctioning LCD display on a notebook computer system. After confirming that the notebook is receiving AC power, you plug in an external monitor. The external monitor does not display the output from the notebook after pressing the Fn key. Which of the following could be the cause?

Failed video adapter

A user in sales cannot get his laptop to display through a projector. He sees the screen output on the built in display, but the video is not being seen on the projector. What should you do first?

Use the Fn key to redirect display to the external video port

Six months ago, you purchase a new laptop. Since then you have noticed that the battery life has been steadily going down. When it has new, a full charge lasted about 3 hours. Now you are lucky to get 2 hours before the battery charge level drop below 5%. What should be your first step to correct this problem?

Calibrate the battery

After arriving in a new city today, a traveling sales team member calls you stating that his wireless connection no longer works. He has checked the wireless configuration and he knows it to be correct because it was working yesterday. What should you do first?

Have him verify that the wireless card’s hardware switch is in the On position

You have just purchased a new laptop with built-in 802.11 wireless and Bluetooth capabilities. When you boot into Windows, you do not see a Bluetooth adapter listed in Device Manager. What should you do first?

Enable Bluetooth in the BIOS/UEFI configuration

You’re troubleshooting a malfunctioning LED display on a notebook computer system. An external monitor correctly displays the output from the notebook. Which of the follwoing could be the cause?

Failed backlight

In preparation to use your laptop on the airplane as you travel to a conference, you disconnected the USB mouse. However, after removing the external mouse, the cursor drifts consistently to the left side of the screen while using the built-in trackpad and mouse buttons. What should you do?

Access the BIOS/UEFI configuration and disable the USB pointer option

One of your users suspects that the battery in their notebook computer is failing. You test it by using a known good power adapter to plug it in long enough to receive a full charge. The battery reads that it is fully charged in Windows. You then disconnect the laptop from its power source and wait to see how long the battery lasts. The battery dies after only about 15 minutes.

What should you do to resolve this problem?

Assume the battery is failing and replace it

A user complains that his notebook display has started to go dim intermittently. You suspect the backlight might need to be replaced but you want verify that the backlight is failing before you replace it.

What should you check before replacing the blacklight?

Make sure that the dimming isn’t being caused by a power saving method that has been configured to conserve notebook power

If a notebook computer is exhibiting symptoms that seem to indicate a malfunctioning keyboard, what troubleshooting steps can you take to determine if the keyboard needs to be replaced?

— Check for special keyboard features that could be enabled that may cause some keys to perform alternate tasks — Connect an external keyboard

[old version, but keeping it for record]
A panicked user comes to you at the support desk and asks you to come to his office because his notebook has no power. He’s positive that his battery has completely failed because he came in this morning and there is no power at all to his laptop. He left it plugged in on his desk all night but it will not turn on. He has an important presentation to make in a couple of hours and insists that you bring a replacement battery

Make sure the DC cord from the power adapter plugged firmly into the notebook power connector. Make sure the AC cord is securely plugged into both the wall outlet and the power adapter

[old version, but keeping it for record]
A user recently used her notebook to make a presentation that required her to display her screen from a projector in the conference room. She is now back at her desk, her notebook is still on but the display is blank

Use the Fn keys to toggle the display output to the laptop monitor

[old version, but keeping it for record]
If a notebook computer with an integrated wireless network adapter shows that there is no wireless network connection, what should you check first?

Make sure the switch that turns the wireless network card on and off is in the on position

[old version, but keeping it for record]
You recently replaced a malfunctioning video card on your laptop. After reassembling the laptop, everything works well except for the wireless network connection. The wireless adapter functioned correctly before you replaced the video card. What would most likely resolve this problem?

Reconnect the antenna connections

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