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experience-rating plan

Which of the following provides for a reduction in the employers state unemployment tax rate based on the employers experience with the risk of unemployment?

November 10 of the year the credit reduction is scheduled to take effect

In order to avoid a credit reduction for Title XII advances a state must repay the loans by

designed to increase an employers reserve account in order to lower the employers contribution rate

Voluntary contributions to a states unemployment department are

the accountant from the companys independent auditing firm

The person who is not an authorized signer of Form 940 is

February 10

If the employer has made timely deposits that pay the FUTA tax liability in full, the filing of Form 940 can be delayed until

end of the month after the quarter

When making a payment of FUTA taxes the employer must mae th payment by the:


An employer must pay the quarterly FUTA tax liability if the liability is more than

completeing the journal entry o record the payroll

The employees earnings record provides information for each othe following except

Wages Expense

Which of these accounts shows the total gross eaarnings that the employer incurs as an expense each payday?

Payroll Taxes

Which of the following accounts is an expense account in which an employer records the FICA, FUTA, and SUTA taxes?

Union due withheld

Which of the following is not an expense of the employer?

Wages Expense / Wages Payable

The entry made at the end fof the accounting period to record wages incurred but unpaid is

Vacation pay earned by employees

Which of the following items would require an adjusting entry at the end of each acconting period?

start of the first payroll periood ending on or after the 30th day fro the W-4 receipt date

If an employee files an amended W-4 the employer must make the W-4 effective no later than the :

take none of the above actions

Ron Case, married with four dependents, failed to complete and file Form W-4 with his employer. The employder should:

taxed as though it were a regular payment for the periods occurring during the vacation period

The withholding on vacationn wage payments is:

a table of allowences values is used

Both the percentage method and the wage-bracket method of withholding have each of the following characteistics except:


Wolf Company is giving a net bonus check of $500 to all of its employees. If each of the payments are subjuct to FIT(25% supplemental rate) and FICA taxes, but no state taxes, the gross amount of each bonus check would be:

When employees report taxable tips in connection with employment in which they also receive regular wages, the amount of tax to be withheld on the tips is computed as if the tips were a supplemntal wage payment.

Which of the following statements corrrectly describes the withholding of federal income taxes and social security taxes on tips?

payments made under workers compensation law

All of the following are properly defined as wages subject to the withholding of federal income taxes except:

Educational assistance

Which of the following cannot be included in a cafeteria plan?

inform Arch that you are unable to repay the overwithheld taxes that were withheld befoe March 13 and that the adjustment will have to be made when he files his annual income tax return.

Arch gives you an amended Form W-4 dated March 13,2012 on which he claims two additional withholding allowences. He asks you to refund the excess taxes that were deducted from January 1 to March 13 when Arch claimed only one witholding allowence. You should:

to report commissions of $500 paid to a self-employed salesman

An employer must file an information return under all of the following conditions except:


Carmen Gaetano worked 46 hours during thi payweek He is paid time-and-a-half hours over 40 and his pay rate is $17.90hr. What was his overtime premium pay for this workweek?

Payroll Taxes

The entry to deposit FICA taxes and federal income taxes withheld involves all of the following accounts except:

Payroll Taxes /FUTA Taxes Payable

When recording the deposit of FUTA taxes, owed the proper entry is:

a percentage of the previous weeks gross payroll

In recording the monthly adjusting entry for accured wages at the end of the accounting period,,,the amount of the adjustment would usually be determined by:

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