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Schedule A of Form 940 only has to be completed by employers who are subject to the Title XII credit reduction


Voluntary contributions to a state’s unemployment department are:

designed to increase an employer’s reserve account in order to lower the employer’s contribution rate

For FUTA purposes, an employer can be any one of the following except:

All of the above can be employers.

Which of the following payments are taxable payments for federal unemployment tax?

Christmas gifts, excluding noncash gifts of nominal value

There is a uniform rate of unemployment benefits payable by all states.


Partnerships do not have to pay unemployment taxes on the wages of their employees.


If the employer is tardy in paying the state contributions, the credit against the federal tax is limited to what percent of the late payments that would have been allowed as a credit if the contributions had been paid on time?


A federal unemployment tax is levied on:

employers only

On Form 940, even if the total FUTA tax is more than $500, there is no listing of quarterly federal unemployment tax liabilities.


The mailing of Form 940 is considered timely if it is postmarked on or before the due date.


Christmas gifts, excluding noncash gifts of nominal value, are taxable wages for unemployment purposes.


Retirement pay is taxable wages for FUTA purposes.


FUTA tax deposits cannot be paid electronically.


The person who is not an authorized signer of Form 940 is:

the accountant from the company’s independent auditing firm

Included under the definition of employees for FUTA purposes are:

officers of a corporation

An aspect of the interstate reciprocal arrangement concerns:

the transfer of an employee from one state to another during the year

An employer can use a credit card to pay the quarterly deposit of FUTA taxes during the year.​


Even if the duties of depositing the FUTA taxes and filing Form 940 have been outsourced, the employer is still the responsible party.


Unlike Form 941, there is no penalty for the late filing of Form 940.


When making a payment of FUTA taxes, the employer must make the payment by the:

end of the month after the quarter

Which of the following types of payments are not taxable wages for federal unemployment tax?

Retirement pay

Which of the following is not a factor considered in determining coverage of interstate employees?

Location of company’s payroll department

If an employee works in more than one state, the employer must pay a separate SUTA tax to each of those states in which the employee earns wages.


Which of the following provides for a reduction in the employer’s state unemployment tax rate based on the employer’s experience with the risk of unemployment?

Experience-rating plan

An employer must pay the quarterly FUTA tax liability if the liability is more than:


An employer will use the payroll register to keep track of an employee’s accumulated wages.


The employee’s earnings record provides information for each of the following except:

completing the journal entry to record the payroll

Which of these accounts shows the total gross earnings that the employer incurs as an expense each payday?

Wages Expense

Which of the following is not an expense of the employer?

Union dues withheld

The payroll taxes incurred by an employer are FICA, FUTA, and SUTA.


Which of the following accounts is an expense account in which an employer records the FICA, FUTA, and SUTA taxes?

Payroll taxes

Under the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act, any unclaimed paychecks must be turned over to the state after the next payday.


The garnishment that takes priority over all others is :​

a child support order

The FUTA tax part of the payroll tax entry is recorded at the net amount (0.6%) of the taxable payroll.


FIT Payable is a liability account used to record employees’ withheld federal income tax and also the employer’s match of that tax.


In order to prepare Forms W-2, an employer would utilize the employee’s earnings record.


Under the provisions of the Consumer Credit Protection Act, an employer can discharge an employee simply because the employee’s wage is subject to garnishment for a single indebtedness.


When the federal tax deposit is made, the employees’ and employer’s shares of FICA taxes are paid along with the employees’ FIT taxes withheld.


Every state allows employers to make e-payment options as a condition of employment.


An employee’s marital status and number of withholding allowances never appear on the payroll register.


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