Party Organization

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Primary Elections

an election to choose candidates or select delegates to a party convention


a group of like-minded people who meet to select candidates they will support in an upcoming election


a unit into which cities are divided for the election of city council members


a voting district; the smallest area where elections are held

Which is not a way that state central committee members are chosen?

by an elected official

When do national party conventions meet?

in presidential election years

Which party figures serve on congressional campaign committees?

Members from each house of Congress.

A district in which all voters reporters to the same polling place is called?


At the national level, what is a disadvantage of being in the party that opposes the presidents party?

competition among leadership

Which division of a city is a city council member elected to serve?

A ward

what do national and state party organizations have in common?

both have central committees

When do the different level of party organizations work together most closely?

during an election

which factor determines the organization of political parties at the local level?

the states electoral maps

Who leads a state party organization?

the state chairperson

Which is not a function of a state party chairperson?

nominating candidates

What is the main job of congressional campaign committees?

to reelect part officeholders and capture new seats

Who is the leader of a party’s national committee?

the national chairperson

When are local party organizations most active?

before an election

What determines the structure of political parties at state level?

State Law

At which level do the organizations of major political parties operate independently

all levels

a group of like-minded people who select candidates to support in the upcoming election is known as ____.


Who is the leader of a party national committee?

national chair person.

Which person is not an official part of a party’s organization at the national level?

The candidate for vice president

Which is a reason why two major political parties do not have a strong central organizing structure?


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