Partisan Conflict in Government

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How did the federal budget crisis affect the presidential election in 1996?

People had more negative feelings toward the Republican Party

Partisanship in Congress during the Clinton presidency made it very difficult to


When President Clinton was elected to a second term in 1996,

Republicans maintained control of Congress.

As a result of President Clinton’s impeachment trial in the Senate

he was forced to resign.

How did the budget crisis in 1995 affect the American people’s feelings toward President Clinton?

Americans blamed Republicans for the shutdown and Clinton’s approval ratings improved.

Which statement best describes the feelings of most Americans following President Clinton’s impeachment?

They thought Clinton had been impeached more for political reasons than for wrongdoing.

Americans were unhappy with President Clinton prior to the midterm elections of 1994 because

he was involved in several White House scandals.

The federal budget crisis in 1995 ended when

Republicans in Congress were forced to compromise.

Before the 1994 midterm elections, issues of taxes and government spending on social programs

were points of disagreement between Democrats and Republicans.

The special investigation into the Whitewater real estate scandal

produced no evidence that Clinton had committed a crime.

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