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Which of the following is an extension of the fill pattern Sunday, Tuesday?

Thursday, Saturday, Monday

The Increase Indent button indents the contents of a cell to the right by ____ spaces each time you click it.


The Copy button copies the contents and format of the source area to the Office ____, a temporary storage area in the computer’s memory.


In the context of copying a range of cells to a nonadjacent location, an alternative to clicking the Paste button is to press the ____ key.


Using the mouse to move or copy cells is called ____.

drag and drop

If formulas located in other cells reference cells in a deleted row or column, Excel does not adjust these cell references but instead displays the ____ error message.


Which of the following is not a valid format symbol?

semi-colon (;)

When assigned to a cell, the ____ function returns a number that corresponds to the system date and time beginning with December 31, 1899.


Which of the following formulas contains an absolute cell reference?


The ____ function is useful when you want to assign a value to a cell based on a logical test.


Which comparison operator means "not equal to"?


A(n) ____ IF function is one in which the action to be taken for the true or false case includes yet another IF function.


A(n) ____ chart provides a simple way to show trends and variations in a range of data within a single cell.


The path to the Format Painter button is ____.

(HOME tab | Clipboard group)

You should use a ____ chart to compare values side by side, broken down by category.

clustered column

To open the Format Cells dialog box with the Alignment sheet active, click the Alignment Settings _____.​

dialog box launcher

_____ refers to cells not wide enough to display the entire entry.​


_____ the Format Painter button and then drag through the nonadjacent ranges to paint the formats to the ranges.​

double click

Charts can either be embedded in a worksheet or placed in a separate ____.

chart sheet

You use the _____ sheet in the Format Cells dialog box to position data in a cell by centering it, for example.​


Which of the following patterns extends the fill series to 525, 475, 425?​

625, 575

Error messages begin with the _____ symbol.​


If you enter 90 in the Degrees box in the _____ area of the Format Cells dialog box, the text will appear vertically and read from bottom to top in the cell.​


_____ text often provides a strong visual appeal.​


A PowerPoint ____ can help you deliver a dynamic, professional-looking message to an audience.


____ help one slide flow gracefully into the next during a slide show.


PowerPoint ____ should reinforce the speaker’s message and help the audience retain the information presented.


An accompanying ____ gives audience members reference notes and review material for your presentation.


A ____ is a specific design with coordinating colors, fonts, and special effects.

document theme

When you open a new presentation, a slide with the default ____ layout appears.

title slide

The box on a slide that has a dotted or hatch-marked border and that contains the insertion point is a text ____.


PowerPoint assumes every new slide, except for a blank slide, has ____.

a title

By default, slides in a new presentation are in ____ orientation.


The Undo button is located on the ____.

quick access toolbar

When you type the wrong character, you can press the ____ key to erase all the characters back to and including the one that is incorrect.


When you install PowerPoint, the default setting allows you to reverse up to the last ____ changes by tapping or clicking the Undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar.


____ a slide can help you see slide elements more clearly so that you can position them precisely where desired.


Text ____ defines the appearance and shape of letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols.


A point is ____ of an inch in height.


____ text has a slanted appearance.


When you add a new slide following the title slide, PowerPoint uses the ____ slide layout for the new slide.

title and content

In a multilevel bulleted list slide, creating a lower-level paragraph is called ____ the text.


To increase the font size of selected text, chose the Increase Font Size button, located ____.

on the mini toolbar

Using the____, you can choose the arrangement of placeholders on a new slide.

layout gallery

The default PowerPoint view is ____ view.


A slide ____ is a special effect used to progress from one slide to the next slide in a slide show.


Which of the following is a standard document property?


___ are the alternate designs that exist for each theme.​


Studies show people remember at least ____ more information when the document they are seeing or reading contains visual elements.


____ help clarify and emphasize details, so they appeal to audience members with differing backgrounds, reading levels, attention spans, and motivations.


The ____ introduces the presentation to the audience.

title slide

A ____ is a named group of formatting characteristics.


____ determines the overall lightness or darkness of an entire image.


____ is the difference between the darkest and lightest areas of an image.


The difference between the effects and the styles is that each effect has several ____, providing you with more control over the exact look of the image.


One method of getting the audience’s attention and reinforcing the major concepts being presented is to have ____ on the title slide.

graphical elements

PowerPoint provides a wide variety of ____ shapes that can add visual interest to a slide.


Many of the shapes included in the ____ gallery can direct the viewer to important aspects of the presentation.


To change a selected shape’s height or width to a specific value, type the value in the Height or Width text boxes on the ____.

(DRAWING TOOLS FORMAT tab | Size group)

Formatting text in a shape follows the same techniques as formatting text in a ____.


Adding a ____ to text adds depth and helps the letters display prominently.


To save time and avoid formatting errors, you can use the ____ to apply custom formatting to other places in your presentation quickly and easily.

format painter

WordArt ____ in the interior of a letter can consist of a solid color, texture, picture, or gradient.


The WordArt ____ is the exterior border surrounding each letter or symbol.


Solid ____ is one color used throughout the entire slide.


____ is one color shade gradually progressing to another shade of the same color or to another color.

gradient fill

____ allows you to see through the background, so that any text on the slide is visible.


You can use ____ options to repeat a background image many times vertically and horizontally on a slide.


The ____ feature automatically locates specific text and then replaces it with desired text.

find and replace

To instruct PowerPoint to confirm each change, click the Find Next button in the ____ dialog box.


A word with a meaning similar to that of another word is called a ____.


Color ____ changes the intensity of colors.


The ____ gallery has a wide variety of preset formatting combinations for coloring pictures.


____ changes picture color into black, white, and shades of gray.


Sepia changes picture colors into ____.

brown, gold, and yellow

____ effects convert colors in a picture to a wide variety of hues.


Color ____ indicates that one color is dominating a picture.


Click ____ to move a stacked object toward the top of the stack.

bring forward

Click ____ to move a stacked object to the top of the stack.

bring to front

The ____ command moves the selected object underneath all objects on the slide.

send to back

The presentation ____ determines the formatting characteristics of fonts and colors.


A ____ paragraph places the first character of a text line near the left border of a placeholder.

left -algined

A ____ paragraph places the last character of text near the right border of a paragraph.

right – aligned

When a placeholder is selected, the ____ are displayed.

selection handles

____ view allows you to look at several slides at one time.

slide sorter

Reading view is similar to ____ view because each slide displays individually, but the slides do not fill the entire screen.

slide show

A ____ may be composed of a few individual objects or several complex groups of objects.


You can select slide objects in order to delete them simultaneously by pressing the ____ key as you click each object.


Dragging or sizing affects only a ____.

selected object

PowerPoint’s ____ feature allows you to set the timing for a video clip.

trim video

The Trim Video feature allows you to trim your clip by time measurements that are accurate to ____ of a second.


____ includes special visual and sound effects applied to text or other content.


____ effects determine how slide elements first appear on a slide.


____ effects determine how slide elements disappear.


There are ____ standard colors for text in a theme.


PowerPoint’s varied themes and ____ help give presentations a unified and aesthetically pleasing look.


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