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Three of the four types of processes are:

A) goods, services, and hybrids.

B) manual, automated, and service.

C) process focus, repetitive focus, and product focus.

D) modular, continuous, and technological.

E) input, transformation, and output

C) process, repetitive, product

"Operators simply load new programs, as necessary, to produce different products" describes:

B) automated guided vehicles.
C) flexible manufacturing systems.
D) vision systems.
E) process control.

C) flexible

The crossover point is that production quantity where:

a) variable costs of one process equal the variable costs of another process

b. fixed costs of a process are equal to its variable costs

c. total costs equal total revenues for a process

d. total costs for one process equal total costs for another process

e. the process no longer loses money

D) total costs of one equal total costs of another

In mass service and professional service, the operations manager should focus extensively on:

a. automation
b. equipment maintenance
c. sophisticated scheduling
d. human resources
e. all of the above

D) human

A product-focused process is commonly used to produce:

a. high-volume, high-variety products

b. low-volume, high-variety products

c. high-volume, low-variety products

d. low-variety products at either high- or low-volume

e. high-volume products of either high- or low-variety

C) high volume, low variety

Which of the following is not one of the strategies for improving service productivity?

A) self-service
B) automation
C) scheduling
D) separation
E) mass customization

E) mass custom

Which of the following are all strategies for improving productivity in services?

A) separation, self-service, automation, and scheduling

B) lean production, strategy-driven investments, automation, and process focus

C) reduce inventory, reduce waste, reduce inspection, and reduce rework

D) high interaction, mass customization, service factory, and just-in-time

E) process focus, repetitive focus, product focus, and mass customization focus


A system using an automated work cell controlled by electronic signals from a common computerized facility is called:

a. adaptive control system
b. robotics
c. flexible manufacturing system
d. automatic guided vehicle (AGV) system
e. manufacturing cell


An assembly line is example of a:

repetitive process

One of the similarities between process focusing mass customization is:

the variety of outputs

Most likely to be assembled on a repetitive process line?


Product focused processes:

a.low volume, high variety

b.finished goods are usually made to order

c.processes are designed to perform a wide variety of activities

d.high fixed costs, low variable costs

e.raw material inventories are low relative to the value of the product


Value-stream mapping:

is a qualitative lean tool for eliminating waste that involves current state and future state drawings, and an implementation plan.

Process redesign:

A) is the fundamental rethinking of business processes.
B) is sometimes called process reengineering.
C) tries to bring about dramatic improvements in performance.
D) often focuses on activities that cross functional lines.
E) all of the above


Which of the following characterisitics best describes repetitive focus?

a. It uses sophisticated scheduling to accommodate custom orders.
b. Its output is a standardized product produced from modules.
c. It is too expensive when volumes are low or flexibility is required.
d. It is widely used for the manufacture of steel.
e. Its costs are often known only after a job is done.


Which of the following phrases best describes process focus?

a. low volume, high variety
b. finished goods are usually made to a forecast and stored
c. operators are modestly skilled
d. high fixed costs, low variable costs
e. raw material inventories are high relative to the value of the product


Which of the following is true regarding the concept of flexibility?

A) It is the ability to respond with little penalty in time, cost, or customer value.
B) It may be accomplished with digitally controlled equipment.
C) It may involve modular or movable equipment.
D) All of the above are true.
E) None of the above is true.


A job shop is an example of a(n):

A) repetitive process
B) continuous process
C) line process
D) flow process
E) intermittent process


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