Nutritional Needs- Practice

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Amount consumed from each food group depends on the age, gender, and physical activity of a person.


Which of the following is NOT one of the five vegetable categories?
dark green

C. leafy

Based on the information provided in this lesson, what steps can you take at fast food restaurants to minimize bad nutritional choices?

Strategies to help minimize bad nutritional choices include seeking out nutritional information, avoiding fried or sugary foods, limiting portion sizes, substituting unhealthy sides for fruits and vegetables, and drinking water instead of soda.

Compare and contrast the nutritional needs of infants and adults.

Infants rely on breast milk or formula for their nutrients and require extra protein, energy, and fatty acids because their bodies are growing rapidly. Adults need to eat a balanced diet based on MyPlate. The total number of calories needed to maintain a healthy weight decreases with age; however, both groups still need a regular intake of vitamins and minerals.

Explain the differences between serving sizes and portion sizes.

The serving size is a measured portion of food with calculated nutritional information. Serving sizes are found on the food labeling. Portion size is the food that’s actually consumed during a snack or meal.

In your opinion, why are a person’s hands a useful tool when estimating a serving size?

Hands are fantastic tools for estimating serving sizes since we always carry them around and they are scaled to the size of the person to which they are attached. They’re a consistent unit of measurement and can be used anywhere.

According to the Direct Instruction, what is the recommended amount of servings for milk or milk products per day?
5 cups
3 cups
1 cup

B. 3 cups

Which of the following must be TRUE for a grain to be called whole?
The grain must consist of bran and the endosperm.
The grain has the full value of dietary fiber.
The grain has been refined.
The grain contains all three parts of the kernel.

D. The grain contains all three parts of the kernel

Why might some people find it difficult to follow the MyPlate recommendations?
The guidelines change often.
The colors of MyPlate are confusing.
It is difficult to eat across all food groups.
It is not possible to customize the guidelines.

C. It is difficult to eat across all food groups.

Explain the difference between nutrient-dense foods and calorie-dense foods. Give an example of each.

Calorie-dense foods are essentially junk foods that are high in calories and high in fat, sugars, or salts. They have little nutritional value and are often called empty calories. Examples of calorie-dense food, or junk food, include soda, cake, pepperoni pizza, and frosted cereals. Nutrient-dense foods have a lot of nutrients for the amount of energy it provides. Nutrient-dense foods include items such as veggie pizza, fresh fruit, 100% fruit juice, and oatmeal.

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