Nutrition Chapter 9

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Based on these two maps representing the
percentage of obese adults, which of the following
statements is FALSE?
a) Obesity throughout the United States is rising.
b) The southern states tend to have the lowest
percentage of obese adults.
c) There has been a substantial increase in the
number of obese adults in the majority of the
d) In 1990, several states didn’t track obesity rates
among adults.


) _____ is the body mass attributed to non-fat body
components, such as bone, muscle, and internal
a) Body mass index
b) Fat mass
c) Healthy weight mass
d) Lean body mass


Deidre is 5 feet 4 inches tall and her weight is 135
pounds. Her BMI is closest to _____ kg/m2.
a) 19
b) 23
c) 26
d) 29


Which of the following is NOT a method of
determining body composition?
a) Air displacement in the BOD POD
b) Bioelectric impedance
c) Body mass index
d) Skinfold thickness measures


Which of these pictures likely demonstrates the
person with more visceral versus subcutaneous fat?


Based on their distribution of body fat, which of the
persons is at increased risk for type 2 diabetes?


The desire to consume specific foods is called
a) appetite.
b) boredom.
c) hunger.
d) satiety


Which of the following characteristics regarding
energy balance is FALSE?
a) The more food that is put in front of people, the
more they eat.
b) The location and proximity of fast-food or
quick-service restaurants has no effect on
the BMI of individuals who live in those
c) Pre-packaged, convenience type foods are
typically higher in fat and kcalories than foods
prepared at home.


In general, non-exercise activity thermogenesis
varies _____ between adult individuals.
a) minimally
b) moderately
c) tremendously
d) not at all


Which of the following statements is FALSE?
a) Mary, a sedentary college student, must plan her
food intake carefully, so it doesn’t exceed energy
b) Tim, a long-distance runner, can burn more
calories for physical activity than for basal
c) Joe, who has a high fat diet, will burn more
calories to process his food than Deb who follows a
lower fat diet.
d) All of these statements are true.


Noelle is an 18 year old female. She is 5 feet 5
inches tall (1.65 m), weighs 130 pounds (59.1 kg),
and her physical activity value is 1.31. What is her
estimated energy requirement?
a) 1798 calories/day
b) 2399 calories/day
c) 2459 calories/day
d) 3300 calories/day


Gary is a 25 year old male. He is 6 feet 1 inches tall
(1.85 m), weighs 195 pounds (88.6 kg), and his
physical activity level is 1.48. Which of the following
contributes the most to his estimated energy
a) Age
b) Weight
c) Height


Which of the following does NOT factor into
calculating an individual’s EER?
a) activity level
b) age
c) ethnicity
d) gender


Based on the information depicted in the visual,
which of the following statements is FALSE?
a) When you consume too many grams of
carbohydrate, the excess can be stored as fat.
b) Fat is stored in adipose tissue
c) Amino acids can be used for energy.
d) Excess protein in the diet will build larger


Research has found that the vast majority of
variation in BMI is attributed to an individual’s
a) environment.
b) genetic makeup.
c) lifestyle choices.
d) None of these influences an individual’s BMI.


Peptide YY _____appetite and ghrelin
a) increases, increases
b) increases, decreases
c) decreases, increases
d) decreases, decreases


Leptin is produced by
a) adipocytes (fat cells).
b) enterocytes (cells of the small intestine).
c) hepatocytes (liver cells).
d) red blood cells.


According to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for
Americans, for those who need to lose weight or
have lost weight and want to keep it off, _____
minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per
week is recommended.
a) 45
b) 90
c) 125
d) 150


Which of the following is characteristic of a healthy
weight loss diet?
a) Eating fewer than 1200 calories daily.
b) Losing 5 lbs a week.
c) Promoting physical activity.
d) Limiting milk and other animal products


Which of the following statements regarding weight
loss drugs is FALSE?
a) Prescription, as well as over-the-counter weight
loss drugs, are regulated by the FDA.
b) Some of these drugs work by affecting brain
c) Weight loss usually continues, even after
you stop taking the drugs, as long has you
have taken the drugs for 8 weeks
d) Some of these drugs work by decreasing fat
absorption in the intestine


________ limits the amount of food that can be
a) Adjustable gastric banding
b) Alli
c) Gastric bypass
d) Liposuction


Which of the following is characteristic of anorexia
nervosa but not of bulimia nervosa?
a) Dissatisfaction with body size
b) Food restriction
c) Loss of menstruation
d) Low esteem


Which of the following is/are factors that contribute
to eating disorders?
a) Low self-esteem and the need for self-control
b) Thin body ideal and an abundant food supply
c) Inherited personality traits
d) All of these can contribute to an eating


t or f: pre-eclampsia is dangerous to the baby bc it reduces blood flow to the placenta


should fat intake be increased during preg


healthy infants consume ___% of their energy as fat for first 6 months of life


t or f: breast milk is low in vit d


exclusive breast feeding during preg ___ an infants risk of developing a food allergy


BMI of __ is classified as obese


t or f: leptin is better at preventing weight loss then preventing weight gain


obese individuals use ___ calories for NEAT than their lean counterparts


for most people a loss of ___-___% of body weight will significantly reduce disease risk


it is difficult to meet nutrient needs with an intake of fewer than ___ cals per day


weight loss supplements that contain soluble fiber are proven to reduce weight. t or f


a set of atttributes related to the ability to perform routine physical activities without undue fatigue


creatine phosphate found in


glycogen stores and endurance are increased by increasing ____ intake


anabolic steriod use can slow ____

bone growth

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