nutrition- chapter 12

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greater than

The total amount of energy needed by teenagers is usually _______ that needed for an adult.

Compromised ability to reason → lack of coordination → slowed breathing, heart rate, and gag reflex

When short-term alcohol intake exceeds the body’s ability to break it down, the excess accumulates in the bloodstream and impairs a person’s abilities. Of the following, which is the correct sequence of impairments that occur?


______ is used to determine overweight and obesity in children.

Slowly sipping fruit juice between meals

Which of the following behaviors is most likely to promote formation of dental caries?


Older adults should consume a diet that is _______ in protein relative to calories as compared to that of younger adults.

Children eat more when they eat alone.

Which of the following statements about feeding children is FALSE?


In 2007-2008, children aged ____ had the highest percentage of obese children.


The need for most of the vitamins _____ during adolescence.

calcium, iron, vitamin D; All of these deficiencies are of concern during childhood

Deficiencies of ____ is/are of particular concern during childhood.

higher than

The RDA for iron for young children is _____ the RDA for adult men.

Serve macaroni and cheese for lunch, make oatmeal with milk rather than water, Serve puddings as snacks; All of these would add calcium to a child’s diet.

Which of the following are appropriate strategies to increase calcium consumption in children?

Cutting back on calorie intake

Which of the following is the only dietary intervention that has been shown to slow aging and extend life?

Total iron needs are greater for adolescent males than adolescent females who have begun menstruating.

Which of the following statements about iron during adolescence is FALSE?


The development of kidney failure becomes more prevalent with age; therefore, the amount of _______ in the diet must be reduced.

24 ounces of beer.

One drink of alcohol contains 12 to 14 grams of alcohol, which is equivalent in all of the following except

Watching television has no effect on a child’s future risk for being overweight.

Which of the following statements regarding television viewing by children is FALSE?


Recommended amounts of most micronutrients do not differ for boys and girls until about _____ years of age.


Deficiency of _____ is of particular concern with chronic alcohol consumption.

high sugar intake

Which of the following is LEAST likely to cause hyperactivity?


Children’s food preferences are learned through repeated exposure to a new food. A new food may need to be offered _____times before the child will accept it.

As children grow older, their diets become better.

Based on the research presented in this visual, which of the following statements is FALSE?


Adult energy needs typically _______ with age.

Baked potato with low-fat sour cream

Which of the following would be the healthiest alternative to French fries if you were eating at a fast-food restaurant?

Children who drink high amounts of fruit juice are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes as an adult.

Which of the following statements about chronic disease risk is FALSE?


The Dietary Guidelines define moderate alcohol consumption as no more than _____ drink(s) per day for women and _____ drink(s) per day for men.

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