Nutrition Chapter 10, 11, 12

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Which of the following does not define a "healthful body weight."

A weight that you can achieve and maintain with continual dieting

Which of the following statements about a healthful body weight is true.

There is no one body types that can be defined as healthful.

which of the following is a limitation of body mass index

BMI has a limited consideration of body composition

A healthful body weight can and should

be achieved and sustained without severely curtailing food or constantly dieting

In terms of body functioning compatibility, a healthful body weight should be primarily compatible with normal blood pressure, lipid levels, and

blood glucose

Waist and hip circumference measurements can determine

fat distribution pattern

a body mass index (BMI) of 19.5 is considered

healthy weight

in the video, the group that watched a fast-paced action movie instead of a talk show consumed

65 percent more calories than those in the talk show group

one health-related danger related to eating while watching television or movies is

mindless eating, which leads to overeating

which hormone-driven signal tends to get lost when we are distracted by watching television or a movie


which of the following would not contribute to mindless eating

drinking water while driving

the cerebral cortex is the part of the brain that is responsible for satiety, or feeling full


which of the following statements is/are true regarding satiety and hunger

all statements are true

which of the following statements is false

leptin is a satiety hormone secreted from the pancreas

the type and amount of food you eat can stimulate appetite


a body weight that exceeds 100% of the normal standard for a given height is called

morbid obesity

body mass index is best describes as

a ratio of an individual’s body weight to height, squared.

an apple-shaped fat pattern increases a person’s risk for which kind of disease


Justin is an offensive lineman on his college football team. he is 6’3" and weighs 335 pounds, with a BMI of 42. Which of the following statements about Justin is most likely true

muscle weight is probably responsible for his high BMI

The thrifty gene theory suggests that some people have a gene (or genes) that causes them to be

energetically thrifty

overeating is known to increase by

easy access to food

according to the video, the palm of your hand can be used to visualize an appropriate serving size for which two macronutrients

carbs and proteins

genetics, hormones, environment, and level of physical activity are factors that

influence weight management

the video states that one of the larger problems contributing to the obesity epidemic is

we tend to eat what we are served

one negative factor related to eating restaurant meals is

portions are usually large

in a state of energy balance

energy consumed is equal to energy expended

which of the following is NOT considered a basal function

walking up stairs

the primary determinant of basal metabolic rate is an individual’s

lean body mass

the three components of total energy expenditure are

basal metabolic rate, physical activity, and the thermic effect of food

the amount of energy expended by the body in digesting, absorbing, transporting, metabolizing, and storing nutrients is called

the thermic effect of food

which nutrient requires the least amount of energy to digest, transport, and store.


when you consume more protein than you need, the surplus will

be converted to and stored as fat

popular diets emphasizing low-carbohydrate intake are controversial partly because

limited evidence about possible long-term health benefits

obesity is defined as a BMI, or body mass index, greater or equal to 30


obesity has been associated with an increased risk for

cancer, diabetes, and heart disease/stroke

which agency reports data on the trends in adult obesity in the US

the CDC

which is the correct equation to use when calculating body mass index

weight (kg)/ height (m)^2

leptin is a hormone that tends to reduce food intake. it is produced by what kind of cells

adipose cells

which of the following decreases food intake


which of the following is most likely to promote healthy increases in muscle mass

resistance training

which of the following would be good advice for someone who is trying to gain weight

aim to eat an additional 500 to 1000 kcal a day

being underweight increases a person’s risk of developing

infections and illness

which of the following best exemplifies mindful eating

kathrin notices how it warms her mouth and how the fragrances and flavors of garlic and thyme feel comforting to her

which of the following is an effective dietary strategy for reducing chronic disease risks

increase intake of unsaturated fats and decrease intake of added sugars

which of these is the MOST important dietary aspect to modify for weight loss


which body composition assessment is based on a person’s height relative to their body weight

body mass index

according to the video, which person would have the lowest risk for developing cardiovascular disease

overweight and active on a regular basis

a weight above the recommended level for health is classified as

focus on fitness, not thinness

which of the following is not an example of a low-carbohydrate, high protein diet

the DASH diet

which of the following is NOT one of the primary components of a sound weight change plan

reduction in the number of restaurant meals eaten per week

what type of weight loss will an individual experience by restricting calories but not increasing his or her level of physical activity

lean body tissue

which of the following best describes exercise

leisure physical activity that is purposeful, planned, and structured.

Physical activity not related to a person’s occupation is known as

leisure time physical activity

which of the following is not a physiological benefit of regular physical activity

decreases high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol

how is physical activity related to physical fitness

physical activity promotes physical fitness

the main components of physical fitness are cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility, body composition, and

musculoskeletal fitness

any leisure-time physical activity that is purposeful, planned, and structured is considered


which of the following is one of the components of physical fitness

body composition

what is meant by the overload principle

improving fitness by placing extra physical demand on the body

the FITT principle is

the principle following to achieve an appropriate overload for physical training

which of the following is traditionally used to evaluate the level of intensity of aerobic activity

heart rate

which of the following is not true about cool-down exercise after an exercise session

causes fatigue

national guidelines recommending 60 minutes of physical activity each day are based on the amount of exercise needed to

maintain a healthy body mass index

which of the following is one of the ways in which regular physical activity can reduce the risks for heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure

it limits the progression of atherosclerosis

intensity of activity refers to

the amount of effort expended

competitive athletes train at _______ of estimated maximal heart rate


how do warm-up exercises prepare the muscles for exertion

increasing blood flow and temperature

Frequency, as a component of the FITT principle, refers to

the number of activity sessions per week

proper recovery from an exercise program includes this type of activity


time of activity, part of the FITT principle, refers to

how long each session last

the FITT principle stands for

frequency, intensity, time, and type of activity.

the primary end product of glycolysis is

pyruvic acid

which of the following is a characteristic of aerobic metabolism of carbohydrates

It yields more ATP than anaerobic metabolism of carbohydrates.

glycolysis can occur in either aerobic or anaerobic conditions


which statement regarding glycolysis is true

when oxygen is limited in the cell, pyruvic acid is converted to lactic acid.

where in the cell is the majority of ATP produced


energy used by the body to perform muscular contractions is called adenosine diphosphate, or ADP


which of the following statements regarding ATP is incorrect

the enzyme ATPase hydrolyzes the first phosphate group from the ATP molecule when energy is needed

the phosphate from the compound phosphocreatine can be used to synthesize more ATP from ADP


which of the following activities requires ATP to function

All of the answers are correct. nerve conduction, muscular work, and secretions of the endocrine system

the breakdown of glucose to ATP and pyruvic acid is called


the common currency of energy for cells is


1. aerobic exercise uses oxygen, typically involves using large muscle groups during continuous activities, and promotes cardiovascular health.
2. Your body produces energy under anaerobic conditions during the first few seconds of intense exercise.
3. When one of the three phosphates is removed from ATP, ADP is formed and energy is released.
4. CP is stored in the muscles and is broken down to replenish ATP stores.

5. When participating in low-intensity activities over a long period of time, the body primarily uses fat for energy. 6. A small amount of amino acids from protein can be utilized for energy production during endurance events, but their primary role is to promote muscle growth and help with repair. 7. Your body burns carbohydrates for energy during every type of exercise that lasts longer than three seconds. Intensity and duration of exercise will affect the percentage of energy that is derived from this source. 8. Endurance athletes may use a training strategy known as carbohydrate loading to maximize their body’s glycogen stores. 9. The body’s preferred carbohydrate source during very vigorous-intensity exercise for energy is muscle glycogen.


a block start in 50-M freestyle


a marathon a 5KM run a soccer match


an allday walkathon

foods rich in simple carbs

orange juice

foods rich in complex carbohydrates

spaghetti w marinara sauce brown rice with veggies whole-wheat pancakes

non-carbohydrate food

grilled salmon roasted chicken breast

The more intense your workout, the more your body relies on carbohydrates to fuel it. Duration and intensity affect the degree to which carbohydrates and fat contribute to overall energy production. Review the following statements on the effect that intensity and duration have on glucose and glycogen use and select all those that apply.

The body cannot store unlimited amounts of glycogen lactic acid can be used for energy

review the following statements regarding training and glycogen and select the one that properly reflects the relationship between the two

training your muscles to store glycogen results in improved endurance

which of the following does NOT explain why people who engage in vigorous physical physical activity have an increased ability to burn fat

increased metabolism of carbohydrates during prolonged, intense training

in which of the following events would carbohydrate loading not be beneficial

weight lifting

eating frequent small meals is called


this group of vitamins is directly involved in energy metabolism


which of the following is recommended to ensure adequate hydration after completing an exercise session

consume a drink with water and sodiium

in physical activity lasting less than one hour, the MOST appropriate fluid replacement is

plain water

why are the b vitamins especially important to an athlete

the b vitamins are directly involved in energy metabolism

substances used to improve overall exercise and athletic performance are known as

ergogenic acids

the optimal window for post-exercise recovery to replenish nutrients lost during training begins

within 30 minutes after a workout

Chocolate milk may beneficial as a post-workout drink for some individuals because __________.

it contains amino acids utilized for repairing and building muscle mass, water to rehydrate the body, and carbohydrates for glycogenesis

Athletes participating in an intense competition lasting more than one hour should drink __________.

a beverage containing protein, carbohydrate, and fluid, such as chocolate milk, after a workout

For recovery after an intense workout, a trained athlete should

consume fluids or foods that contain more carbohydrate than protein, fluid, and minerals including calcium and electrolytes to replenish nutrients lost during exercise

which of the following is true about anabolic steroids

they are associated with an increased risk for cancer

some athletes use caffeine to enhance their athletic performance because it has been shown to

increase the use of fat as a fuel source

the increase in muscle strength and size that occurs with strength training is known as


the new food safety rules proposed by the FDA are to completely prevent

food-borne illness

Dr. RIchard Besser stated that congress must fund what specific action to make sure new food preparation rules are followed by manufacturers

inspections of companies manufacturing or preparing foods

what is the most common source of food-borne illness that the FDA food safety rules are trying to prevent

bacterial infectiond

the new FDA food safety rules require testing as the food leaves the field, processing food at high temperatures, covering stored food, and

retesting food before sending to stores

According to the CDC, food poisoning sickens how many Americans yearly

1 in 6

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), what ratio of Americans experience foodborne illness annually

one in six

which of the following is NOT one of the body’s protective responses after encountering foodborne microbes

increased blood glucose levels

which of the following is NOT a reason that foodborne illness has become a major U.S. public health threat in recent years

lack of food safety legistration

which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a foodborne illness

an illness caused by an allergic reaction to a food

a multistep protocol used to identify and control potential threats to food-safety is the

Hazard analysis critical control point system

the temperature danger zone is a range between

40 to 140 degrees F

which of the following is the leading cause of foodborne illness in the US


which of the following environmental conditions would increase the survival and reproduction of most food microorganisms

a temp between 40 and 140

which of the following produces a neurotoxin

Clostridium botulinum

infection with the hepatitis A virus can result in damage to

the liver

A severe consequence of ingestion of the Clostridium botulinum toxin is


Mycotoxins are most commonly found in


which of the following is NOT a type of fungi


which of the following does not explain why norovirus is highly contagious

norovirus releases a toxin that cannot be destroyed by heating contaminated foods

which of the following is an example of a parasite

a tapeworm

microorganisms that benefit from and harm their host are called


potatoes that have turned green likely contain the toxin


three common types of fungi are yeast, mushrooms, and


which microorganism is the leading cause of foodborne infection in the US


for a memorial day barbeque, friends agree to meet at a lakeside park. The temp is a mild 75 degree F. Which of the following practices should they avoid In order to prevent an outbreak of foodborne illness

grill hamburgers to medium rare

which of the following is a false statement regarding the proper refrigeration and freezing of food

discard fresh eggs in shell if not consumed within 3 to 5 days

which of the following is false concerning the safe storage leftovers at home

you can safely eat leftovers during your 1230-1 lunch break if you packed them in an airtight glass container before you left your apartment at 8AM

to wash your hands properly

scrub for at least 20 seconds

when preparing foods at home, you should always try to do the following: wash your hands and kitchen surfaces often, chill or freeze foods in storage, and

separate raw foods

dour factors affecting survival and reproduction of food microorganisms include temperature, humidity, acidity, and

oxygen content

flash pasteurization destroys microorganisms in a beverage or other food by

heating the food to 162 for 15 seconds

which of the following food preservation limits spoilage by drawing water out of foods, making them inhospitable to bacterial growth


smoking a ham preserves the food by drawing water out of the cells through a process called


a process that uses gamma rays to eliminate harmful bacteria In foods is called


monosodium glutamate in soup, iodine in table salt, and beet extract in strawberry ice cream are all examples of


the addition of iodine to table salt has decreased the incidence of


which of the following is used as an antioxidant in many foods

vitamin C

which of the following best describes the Generally Recognized as Safe list

catalogue of food additives generally regarded as safe; established in 958 by the US Congress

chemicals used to help retain moisture in foods are called


a form of genetic modification practiced for centuries is known as

selective breeding

the risks and benefits of the use of genetically modified organisms is a topic of much debate. which of the following is a benefit of GMOs

higher crop yields

a potential benefit of genetic modification is

faster-growing crops

a potential concern about genetic modification is

production of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Genetic modification alters the ______ of an organism to bring about specific changes


Pesticides are a family of chemicals

used in the field and in storage areas to decrease destruction caused by weeds, insects, and microorganisms

Chemicals that accumulate in soil and water as a result of car emissions, improperly disposed waste, industry, and agriculture are known as

persistent organic pollutions

which of the following would NOT help reduce exposure to bisphenol A

using plastics marked with recycling codes 3 to 7 when microwaving foods

Pheromones are one type of


which of the following statements about organic foods is NOT consistently supported by recent research

organic food is more nutritious than conventionally grown food.

A severe consequence of ingestion of the Clostridium botulinum toxin is

which of the following is a species of bacteria responsible for the greatest number of deaths from foodborne illness


A common side effect of prescription weight-losss medications that reduce appetite and increase feelings of fullness is

increased heart rate

where in the body do we find the greatest storage of potential energy to fuel long-term activities

body fat

which of the following is not an effective long-term treatment for obesity


which human organ system is MOST affected by toxic levels of mercury


which of the following are substances intentionally put in foods to enhance appearance, palatability, safety, and/or quality

food additives

Which of the following factors exemplifies the role of the food environment in influencing the risk for obesity?

government subsidies keep the price of corn chips below the cost of strawberries (guessed)

carbohydrate loading involves altering

exercise duration and carbohydrate intake

which of the following statements about body image is true

body image is reflected in part by the thoughts you have about your body when you look in the mirror (guessed)

which of the following is a characteristic of anorexia nervosa

refusal to maintain body weight at a minimally normal level for age and height

marco wants to improve his cardiorespiratory fitness. which type of activity would be the MOST effective to achieve this goal

swimming three times a week

which of the following symptoms is characteristic of bulimia nervosa

frequent episodes of extreme overeating followed by purging

the accumulation of high levels of mercury in large predatory fish is a result of


which of the following BEST explains why adolescents are moe vulnerable to the unrealistic media images of the "perfect body" than are adults

adolescents are still developing a sense of their identity.

what type of weight loss will an individual experience by restricting calories but not increasing his or her level of physical activity

the individual will lose lean body mass

which of the following most accurately describes disordered eating

general term that describes a variety of abnormal or atypical eating behaviors people use to control their weight

many ergogenic aids claim to be anabolic, meaning that they

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