Nutrition Ch. 5

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___ deposits cholesterol in the walls of the arteries.

Low-density lipoprotein

___ enter the lymph and need transport carriers to circulate in the bloodstream.

Long-chain fatty acids

A safe way to obtain omega-3 fatty acids is to ___.

eat fatty fish, such as salmon

___ helps to remove cholesterol from the cells and delivers it to the liver.

High-density lipoprotein

The current Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range (AMDR) for fat is __ percent of the daily caloric intake.

20 to 35

To keep water and fat-loving substances together, a(n) ___ is used.


Which of the following meals provides the LEAST amount of fat?

grilled chicken salad with wine vinegar dressing, steamed broccoli, and fruit cup

The structure of a triglyceride consists of ___.

three fatty acids with a glycerol backbone

Transport carriers of fat and cholesterol through the lymph and blood are called ___.


___ can increase HDL cholesterol.

Regular physical activity

Fat digestion begins in the ___.


To promote fat digestion, the gallbladder releases ___ into the small intestine.


The majority of fat digestion occurs in the ___.

small intestine

A lifestyle change that helps decrease the risk of heart disease is to consume ___.

less trans fat

Which of the following is an uncontrollable risk factor for heart disease?

type 1 diabetes

Trans fats are to be avoided because they ___.

increase LDL cholesterol and decrease HDL cholesterol

The building blocks of lipids are ___.

fatty acids

Cholesterol is needed to make ___.

bile acids

The major phospholipid in the cell is ___.


When each carbon is bonded with two hydrogen atoms, the chain is ___ with hydrogen.


Type 1 diabetes is a preventable risk factor for heart disease.


All of the following are eicosanoids except


What is produced by hydrogenating unsaturated fat?

trans fat

The current AMDR recommendation for fat in the American diet is

20 to 35 percent.

Long-chained fatty acids are not absorbed into the bloodstream directly and need transport carriers called chylomicrons.


Triglycerides contain a glycerol backbone attached to four fatty acids.


Which of the following lipids do not contain a glycerol backbone?


The omega-6 fatty acids DHA and EPA found in fish are protective against heart disease and stroke.


What has the FDA mandated be added to foods containing olestra?

fat-soluble vitamins

During hydrogenation of an unsaturated fatty acid, trans fats are created.


Sterol has four connecting rings of which of the following?

carbon and hydrogen

Syndrome X includes all following conditions except

elevated levels of HDL cholesterol.

Where should the majority of fat in the Mediterranean diet come from?

olive oil and olives

Teas are high the flavonoid catechin, which is similar to antioxidants.


VLDL is a lipoprotein that delivers fat made in the liver to various tissues.


Which of the following terms encompasses all the other terms listed?


High blood levels of cholesterol and fat are likely contributors to atherosclerosis.


The decrease in estrogen in postmenopausal women plays a part in the increased risk of heart disease that occurs in older women.


Which is the most effective way to improve HDL cholesterol levels?

by engaging in routine exercise

When describing lipids, the term hydrophobic means that they can readily dissolve in water.


Unsaturated fatty acids pack together more tightly than saturated fatty acids; this is why they become liquid at room temperature.


Arterial plaque contains all of the following except


LDL is a type of lipoprotein that carries digested fat from the GI tract through the lymph system.


Fat-free versions of cookies always have fewer calories than their full-fat counterparts.


Unlike triglycerides, sterols contain glycerol or fatty acids.


Metabolic syndrome and syndrome X are two names for the same syndrome.


All fat-free foods are healthy for you.


Lipids that are liquid at room temperature are called oils.


Chylomicrons transports lipids via which body system?


Which of the following is a saturated fatty acid?

stearic acid

The lipoprotein made in the liver to transport just-eaten fat is the chylomicron.


Which of the following is a major component of cell membranes?


Which of the following is a common name for fat?


Transport carriers that enable fat and cholesterol to travel through the blood and lymph are known as lipoproteins.


Which of the following types of seafood should pregnant women not consume?


Most of the fat in the Mediterranean diet comes from fish oil.


Your body needs cholesterol as the precursor for vitamin A, bile acids, and sex hormones.


Which of the following is/are a precursor of bile, vitamin D, and some sex hormones?


It is recommended that you consume at least one serving of fish per week to obtain the necessary omega-3 fatty acids.


Real butter has less trans fat than stick margarine.


Which of the following is not a lipoprotein?


The greater the amount of cholesterol, the higher the density of the transport carrier.


Lecithin and bile are examples of emulsifiers.


Lecithin is a phospholipid that is used as an emulsifier in many foods.


A diet low in unsaturated fat and trans fat can reduce your risk of heart disease.


Which of the following delivers fat made in the liver to your tissues?


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