Nutrition Ch 10

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Most athletes probably need somewhat more protein than do sedentary people.


People who regularly engage in physical activity live longer on average than those who are physically inactive.


Active people do not need extra fluid in cold weather


Iron-deficiency anemia impairs physical performance because iron helps deliver the muscles’ oxygen.


To prevent hyponatremia during prolonged events, athletes should

favor sports drinks over water & eat pretzels in the last half of a long event.

A weight lifter is taking creatine supplements to increase the power in his muscles. What benefit might he be receiving from the supplement?

the supplement might result in weight gain

Which of the following athletes would use the least protein for fuel during exercise?

Gary, who consumes a carbohydrate-rich diet

Sports anemia

is a normal adaptation to endurance training & is temporary

What would you tell a female long distance runner who is considering whether or not to begin taking an iron supplement?

she needs to have medical testing of her blood iron values first to see if she needs it

A high school football player is eating enough protein foods in his diet to provide him with 2.5 grams per kg of his body weight. What type of benefit will he get from his high protein intake?

this exceeds the recommendation for his sport so he should consider trading carbohydrate for some of the protein

A competitive world-class skier needs advice on fluid intake during training, competition, and recovery. What should be recommended?

she should drink fluids with carbohydrate added to replenish glycogen stores

Your friend participates in strenuous world-class competition that lasts for four hours or more. Which of the following would you recommend to your friend?

Suggest that he consume sports drinks and pretzels

Calculate the protein needed for a male runner weighing 152 lb who is training for an upcoming competition. He participates in sprints and hurdling races.


An athlete takes vitamin and mineral supplements prior to competition because he believes they can enhance performance. How would you respond to this practice?

The practice does not improve performance because there is not enough time for them to be combined with other appropriate parts so they can do their work.

Which of the following should not be used by athletes?

carbonated beverages & alcohol

The term ergogenic

implies that the product has special work-enhancing powers & is associated with supplements claimed to benefit athletes.

The first symptom of dehydration (besides thirst) is


Which statement about the best way to schedule daily physical activity is accurate?

moderate-intensity activity can be divided into smaller sessions throughout the day

A benefit of cardiorespiratory endurance training is that

the heart muscle grows larger and stronger.

A benefit of resistance training is that

high resistance and few repetitions will build strength.

Calculate how much carbohydrate an athlete who is in training for a marathon should eat within two hours after his daily workout in order to enhance his body’s storage of glycogen if he weighs 175 pounds.

88-123 grams

Which of the following is a recommendation in the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans for weekly physical activity?

perform muscle-strengthening activities of moderate to high intensity 2 or more days a week

How can endurance athletes best postpone fatigue during their activity?

eat glucose periodically during the event

The advantage for athletes of using sport drinks for fluid replacement is that

they have a pleasant taste which encourages consumption.

A 70-year-old woman wants to begin a weight training program. What advice would you give her?

it would be a good way to improve her bone density

A varsity sprinter is considering taking caffeine pills before his competition to help his performance. What information would you give him?

he needs to be aware that sport governing bodies prohibit high doses of caffeine

The health benefits of being physically active include all of the following except

reducing the amount of sleep needed each day

In the early minutes of an activity, _____ provides the majority of energy the muscles use to go into action

muscle glycogen

The 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend

accumulating activities in weekly totals of at least 10-minute sessions.

Glycogen depletion occurs after about _____ hour(s) of vigorous activity


Which of the following nutrients is important for athletes because it is needed for the formation of collagen

vitamin C

Researchers measure cardiovascular fitness with VO2 max, which will:

increase as fitness improves and blood is pumped more efficiently.

A female athlete weighs 120 pounds before a race and 115 pounds after the race. How much fluid should she consume?

10 cups

What is the best way for athletes to ensure they have adequate sodium levels in their bodies?

do not restrict salty foods in the days before competition

Protein is needed by the body to support an exercise program because of its role

repairing muscle tissue after exercise.

What is recommended for replacing fuels that have been used during exercise?

eat a high-carbohydrate meal within two hours after exercise

You have been following a fitness program for several weeks and your resting pulse has gone from 70 to 58. What can you state about your progress?

you are making good progress and should continue so the pulse goes lower

Carbonated beverages are not a good choice for meeting an athlete’s fluid needs because they

make a person feel full quickly and may limit fluid intake.

Athletes will use complete meal replacers to prepare for competition because

they may benefit an athlete with a nervous stomach before an event

When designing a fitness routine that is intended to help muscles gain strength and size, what must you consider?

muscles need a day or two of rest to refuel and repair

Which of the following would not be appropriate as part of a pregame meal?

high-fiber cereal with low-fat milk

Sports drinks offer some advantages over water for athletes who

need to replenish electrolytes.

Muscles respond to the overload of exercise by gaining

strength & size

Calculate the calories needed from fat each day for a triathlete who requires 4500 calories a day.

900 – 1575

Why would you tell someone not to drink alcohol before engaging in an athletic event?

because it is a diuretic & because it impairs temperature regulation

How many grams of carbohydrate would an athlete need to consume to ensure full glycogen and other nutrient stores and to meet energy needs if he consumes 2800 calories?

490 grams

Recommendations have been established for moderate physical activity because:

physically active people live longer than those who are inactive.

Which of the following is the best fluid for an athlete working out in a cold climate?

room temp water

An athlete is in the early weeks of an aerobic training program and develops a decrease in hemoglobin concentration. Which of the following is true?

The condition is called sports anemia & It goes away by itself.

For athletic performance, the diet should consist of all of the following except

supplements high in protein

Which of the following is among the most dangerous and illegal ergogenic practices?

anabolic steroid hormones

Calculate the recommended daily protein intake for a female marathon runner weighing 126 pounds.

69 – 80 g

Which of the following is characteristic of candy bars and specialty drinks marketed to athletes?

They provide extra food energy & They can be useful as a pregame meal.

Which of the following statements regarding carnitine is true?

It is a nonessential nutrient.

Muscle growth is stimulated by:

physically demanding activity.

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