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Which Windows feature automatically adjusts the display and input methods depending on the form factor being used and whether a hardware keyboard is active?

Start menu

Which Windows feature includes three columns and includes live tiles in the right-hand column?


What type of disk can be stored in a single file on a physical disk?

Virtual Desktop

What new feature in Windows 10 allows the user to create multiple desktops that can host different open windows?


Which Windows feature uses audio and speech to interact with a user to search for information?

4 GB

How much RAM is supported by the 32-bit version of Windows 10.


Which of the following terms is a collection of computers and users that are identified by a common security database?

Processor Affinity

If a thread is not finished running, perhaps because it had to wait or it was preempted, it is typically restarted on the same processor that previously ran it. What is this known as?


Which of the following types of CPUs have extra hardware built in to allow more than one thread to be processed at the same time on a single CPU?

Modern Standby

Which Windows 10 feature allows a device to sleep but continue to perform basic tasks like downloading Windows updates?


Which of the following terms represents a collection of data, files, and instructions with a specific purpose while it is running?


Which of the following systems have more than one physical CPU?


Which file system should you use if you want to use EFS?

Client Hyper-V

What Windows 10 feature should you use if you need to run an older application on an earlier version of Windows using the same computer you are using to run Windows 10?

DLLs (Dynamic Link Library)

Applications can share code modules by using which Windows programming feature?

DVD Boot

Which of the following installation methods is the least suitable method for a large volume of computers?

Windows Deployment Services (WDS)

When DISM is combined with which of the following, you can completely automate the deployment process to include partitioning and formatting hard drives?

What do you need to install on a USB drive to use Windows to Go?


Which installation method is the fastest type of installation and provides the highest level of customization?


In a corporate environment the most common use for Sysprep is preparing workstations to capture an image. What is this process known as?

Image X

The functionality provided by which of the following Windows 7 features has now been included in DISM for Windows 10?

computer SID

What system-specific data does the workstation create when a generalized image is applied to a workstation?

Offline Updates

Which of the following are software packages containing drivers, service packs, or security updates that are applied to an image during the offlineServicing configuration pass of the installation.

Universal Naming Convention (UNC)

The path to the distribution share should always be referred to by which path to ensure that it can be accessed over the network during unattended installations?


Which of the following configuration passes is used to apply packages to a Windows 10 image after it is copied to the computer hard drive, but before it is running?


Which DISM option prevents files with reparse points outside the specified path from being captured?

Windows System Image Manager

a utility that is used to create answer files for Windows 10 unattended installations


a new configuration process for Windows 10 that modifies the configuration of an already installed Windows 10 operating system to match corporate standards

Upgrade Installation

an installation that migrates all of the settings from a preexisting Windows operating system to Windows 10

Windows Imaging Format

a file-based image format developed by Microsoft to store multiple images in a single file

Sysprep Utility

a tool that is used to generalize Windows 10 and prepare computers for imaging

Answer File

an XML file used during an unattended setup to provide configuration to Setup.exe

Application Compatibility Toolkit

a set of utilities and resources from Microsoft to help organizations run legacy software on Windows 10

User State Migration Tool

a set of scriptable command-line utilities that are used to migrate user settings and files from a source computer to a destination computer

Catalog File

a file used by Windows SIM to read the configurable settings and their current status for a WIM image


If you do not specify an answer file, then which of the following will Sysprep search for to use as an answer file?


Which of the following configuration passes is applied during the portion of the installation where users are asked for information after the second reboot?

Event Viewer

Which tool in Administrative Tools should you open if you want to view messages to troubleshoot errors?

iSCSI Initiator

What tool should you use to configure computers to communicate with external disks over standard Ethernet networks?


If you want to change the background of your display, which settings category should you open?

Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool

What is used to perform tests on the physical memory of a computer running Windows 10?

Hybrid Sleep

What is the name of the power state in which the computer is in the S3 state, but prepared for the S4 state?

Local Security Policy

What tool should you use to configure password policies and auditing policies?

Get-Service | Get-Member

What PowerShell cmdlet shows all the properties and methods available for services?

Device Driver

What does Windows need to properly communicate with and use the functionality of hardware?

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

Which tool in Administrative Tools allows you to configure IPSec settings?

Screen Resolution

What is expressed as the number of horizontal pixels by the number of vertical pixels?


Which setting in the Network & Internet category lets you configure Windows 10 to connect to a network through an intermediary server?


What should you open if you want to add snap-ins to create a custom management console?

Driver Store

central location in Windows 10 where drivers are located before they are installed

Action Center

a place to review and resolve system messages


a Windows PowerShell command in verb-noun format

s4 state

an ACPI power-saving mode that saves the contents of RAM to disk and then disables power to all devices including RAM

s3 state

an ACPI power-saving mode that disables power to all devices except RAM

Screen Resolution

the number of pixels that are displayed on your display

Modern Standby

the computer remains in the S0 state but powers down as much hardware as possible


the current standard for power management that is implemented in Windows 10 and by computer manufacturers

Away Mode

an instant-on power-saving mode that keeps the system in the S0 state

System Configuration

What tool should you use to configure which devices and services start when Windows boots?

Mount Point

an empty folder in an NTFS-formatted file system that is used to point to another FAT, FAT32, or NTFS partition

Storage Pool

a logical collection of disks

Storage Space

a virtual disk

Basic Disk

a method used to organize disk space for x86 computers into primary, extended, and logical partitions

Dynamic Disk

can have a large number of volumes and also supports some fault-tolerant disk configurations


used to refer to a region of disk space reserved to store file data

MBR (Master Boot Record)

exists at the very first sector of an IBM-formatted hard disk

Partition Table

a data structure contained in the MBR that is used to identify reserved areas of disk space

Disk Quota

a system of tracking owners for file data within an NTFS-formatted partition or volume and the total disk space consumed by each owner


What utility should you use to perform a series of disk maintenance activities as part of a scheduled task?


When you format a drive, you must choose the size of which of the following file system attributes?

Volume Mount Points

Which NTFS feature allows an empty folder in an NTFS-formatted file system to point to another partition or volume in the local computer?


Which NTFS permission allows a user to open and make changes to files but not delete them?

Basic Disk

Which of the following types of storage can be partitioned using MBR or GPT and are supported by all versions of Windows?


What is a mirrored volume also known as?


Which of the following storage space types can only be created with three or more physical disks?


NTFS stores files and folders in a way that looks very similar to the FAT file system.

Disk Quotas

Which NTFS feature allows an administrator to restrict the amount of disk space used by a user?


The choice of file system can limit the total amount of data stored in a partition or volume.

EFS (Encrypting File System)

What feature of NTFS encrypts the contents of files?


Which file system is designed to verify and autocorrect data faults on the volume without having to bring the volume down for maintenance?


Which account has extremely limited access to resources and computer activities and is intended for occasional use by low-security users?


Which profile is stored in a network location rather than on the local hard drive?


Which profile is different from other profiles because it is not a complete profile?


Which account is the most powerful local user account possible?


In Windows 10, the only supported method to configure the default profile is to use which utility?

SAM (Security Account Manager)

Each time a user logs on locally, which database is used to verify sign-in credentials?


After credentials are cached locally, you can sign in to a computer using a domain user account. By default, how many user sign-ins are cached?


What Windows 10 feature simplifies the configuration of peer-to-peer networks by removing the need to synchronize users and passwords on each computer?

Secure Sign-In

Which of the following is used to protect your computer from malware that may attempt to steal your password?


In order to stop the automatic sign-in from occurring, which key should be held down during the boot process?

Naming Convention

a standard process for creating names on a network or standalone computer


a file that stores user-specific registry information

Windows Hello

biometric authentication functionality in Windows 10

Secure Sign-In

increases security on your computer by forcing you to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete before logging on

Fast User Switching

allows multiple users to have applications running in the background on a Windows 10 computer at the same time

Roaming Profile

a user profile that is stored in a network location and is accessible from multiple computers

User Profile

a collection of desktop and environment configurations for a specific user or group of users


a profile that is merged with all other user profiles

Security Identifier (SID)

value assigned to each user account within the SAM database


An administrator account derives its privileges from being a member of which local group?


Which of the following is a profile that cannot be modified?


The Guest account derives all of its privileges from being a member of the Guests group and which other group?


What type of encryption algorithm uses the same key to encrypt data and decrypt data?


Newer Windows applications use which of the following to describe the structure of an application?


What type of software is silently installed on your computer, monitors your behavior, and performs actions based on your behavior?

Password Policy

a collection of settings to control password characteristics such as length and complexity

Encrypting File System (EFS)

an encryption technology for individual files and folders that can be enabled by users

Hashing Algorithm

a one-way encryption algorithm that creates a unique identifier that can be used to determine whether data has been changed


the security process that records the occurrence of specific operating system events in the Security log


a command-line tool that is used to apply, export, or analyze security templates

User Account Control (UAC)

a feature in Windows 10 that elevates user privileges only when required

BitLocker Drive Encryption

A feature in Windows 10 that can encrypt the operating system partition of a hard drive and protect system files from modification

Windows Defender

anti-malware software included with Windows 10


malicious software designed to perform unauthorized acts on your computer

Local Security Policy

Account policies settings are located in which of the following?

The Internet

Which of the following is considered one of the biggest sources of malware (malicious software)?


What type of encryption algorithm uses two keys to encrypt and decrypt data?


In Windows 10, advanced audit policies can only be edited at a command-line.


What type of encryption algorithm is one-way encryption, which means that it encrypts data, but the data cannot be decrypted?


The Account Policies in the Local Security Policy can be used to control domain accounts.

Group Policy

The local security policy is part of a larger Windows management system known as which of the following?


The process of taking data and making it unreadable is known as which of the following?

TPM (Trusted Platform Module)

Which part of the motherboard in your computer is used to store encryption keys and certificates?


NTFS permissions can be easily circumvented when you have physical access to a computer.

BitLocker Drive Encryption

To address the risks to data stored on computers and laptops, which encryption technology is available in Windows 10?


Which of the following is a threat to privacy and is sometimes installed when you visit a website?


Which policy controls password characteristics for local user accounts?

Loopback Address

Data sent to which of the following returns to the computer that sent it and does not appear on the actual network?


If Windows 10 is configured to use dynamic IP configuration and is unable to contact a DHCP server, the default action is to use which type of address?

Domain Network

When Windows 10 can communicate with a domain controller, the network connection is automatically placed in which location category?

ICS (Internet Connection Sharing)

The two most common mechanisms for sharing an IP address are a router or which of the following?


a command-line utility that can be used to view or debug the data returned from a DNS server in response to a DNS name resolution query


a command-line utility that can be used to display, change, add, and delete network configuration settings on a computer, including basic and advanced settings


A command-line utility that can be used to test IP communications between the computer running the utility and a remote target


a standard set of rules that defines how different components of a system operate together


a system used to resolve computer NetBIOS names to IP addresses


a system that allows multiple computers to share a single IP address when connecting to the Internet


a system to tunnel IPv6 addressed packets over an IPv4 network, even if NAT is used on the IPv4 network

Network Location Awareness

the ability for Windows 10 to detect when it is connected to a different network and perform actions based on the change

Network Discovery

a setting that controls how your computer views other computers on the network and advertises its presence on the network


Rules for communicating across a network that define how much data can be sent and the format of that data is known as which of the following?

Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper I/O Driver

Which protocol is responsible for discovering network devices on the network, such as computers and routers?

Network Driver

Which of the following is responsible for enabling communications between Windows 10 and the network device in your computer?


Which IP utility is used to display response times for every router on the path to the destination?

Host ID

An IP address is composed of a network ID and which of the following?

Link-Layer Topology Discovery Responder

Which protocol is responsible for responding to discovery requests from other computers?

Security Set Identifier

Which of the following is the name assigned to the WAP to identify itself to clients?


Which of the following is an automated mechanism used to assign IP addresses, subnet masks, default gateways, DNS servers, WINS servers, and other IP configuration information to network devices?


Which protocol is included with Windows 10 for network communication?


Which of the following is an updated version of TCP/IPv4 with a larger address space and additional features?


Which of the following protocols is used for resolving host names to IP addresses?

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