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What bargain did many Americans suspect had been made between presidents Nixon and Ford?

that Nixon had resigned with the understanding that Ford would pardon him

Which of the following did President Nixon support during his first term?

the creation of the EPA

Gerald Ford’s presidency was marked by

severe economic issues.

In an attempt to address the national reaction to the pardon of former president Nixon, President Ford

testified before Congress.

In United States v. Nixon, the Supreme Court ruled that

Nixon could not use executive privilege to withhold the Watergate tapes.

What White House Official provided additional testimony against Nixon, including tape recordings?

Alexander Butterfield

Which of the following names two pieces of domestic legislation passed during the Nixon administration?

the Clean Air Act and the Endangered Species Act

Which of the following best describes the connection between the United States, China, and the SALT I agreement?

Nixon used the new US closeness to China to negotiate the agreement with the Soviet Union.

In United States v. Nixon, the Supreme Court’s ruling made it clear that

the executive branch should not have more power than other branches of government.

When President Nixon finally turned in transcripts of the Watergate tapes, the transcripts

showed that Nixon had covered up the Watergate crimes.

After taking office, President Ford resolved the lingering issue of Watergate by

pardoning Nixon.

The term impeachment refers to

bringing charges against a government official for wrongdoing.

How did most of the nation react to President Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre?

Many people called for him to be impeached.

President Nixon claimed that ________ allowed him to keep phone calls secret.

executive privilege

President Nixon claimed that he had the right to protect the privacy of conversations, which led to a constitutional conflict over

presidential powers.

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