Network Plus Chapter 11

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WANs connect nodes, such as workstations, servers, printers, and other devices, in a small geographical area on a single network.​


A bus topology WAN is often the best option for an organization with only a few sites and the capability to use dedicated circuits.​


The carrier’s endpoint on a WAN is called the Data Communications Equipment (DCE)​.


T-1 cables cannot utilize straight through cables using the same wiring scheme as LAN patch cables.​


In a PON setup, the system is considered passive because no repeaters or other devices intervene between the carrier and the customer.

ring topology

In what type of topology is each site connected to two other sites, ​providing redundancy?


What is the maximum throughput of a DS3 connection?​


How many channels exist in a T1 connection?​

64 Kbps

In an ISDN connection, what is the size throughput did a single B channel provide?​


In a PON system, an OLT contains a splitter that splits each port into how many logical channels?​

53 bytes

What is the size of an ATM packet?​

​You pay only for the bandwidth you’ve used.

Which option below is an advantage of leasing a frame relay circuit over leasing a dedicated circuit?


What xDSL standard is the most popular?​


What version of xDSL is the most popular?​


​The DTE or endpoint device for a leased line is known as which device below?


What OC level is primarily used as a regional ISP backbone, and occasionally by very large hospitals, universities, or other major enterprises?​

​622.08 Mbps

What is the maximum amount of throughput provided by an OC-12?​

​3.4 – 6.7 GHz

​What is the frequency range of the C-band that is used by satellites?

split horizon​

​What Layer 3 technology is employed by distance-vector routing protocols in which a router knows which of its interfaces a routing update and will not retransmit, or advertise, that same update on the same interface?


What protocol is commonly used to aggregate / bond T-1 / T-3 lines?


When copper cabling is used to carry T-1 traffic, what kind of connector is used?

​data link connection identifier

​When using frame relay, what is the name of the identifier that routers use to determine which circuit to send frames to?


​Which version of DOCSIS provides 38 Mbps per channel and requires a minimum of 4 channels to be used?

​1/4 mile

​The best 802.11n signal can travel approximately how far?

Carrier Ethernet Transport

In metro settings, end-to-end, carrier-grade Ethernet networks can be established via what protocol?​

Ethernet MAN

​Metro Ethernet

A MAN connection is also known as which two terms below?​



What two competing standards exist for cell phone networks?​


​frame relay

What two network protocols below rely on virtual circuits?​



​Frame relay relies on what two different types of virtual circuits?

Layer 2

Layer 1

At what two layers of the OSI model are LAN and WAN protocols likely to differ?​

Data Terminal Console (DTC)

The customer’s endpoint device on the WAN is called the __________________.​


Multiplexing enables a single ____________ circuit to carry 24 channels, each capable of 64 Kbps throughput.​

Optical Networking Unit (ONU)

The ________________ distributes signals to multiple endpoints via fiber-optic cable, in the case of FTTP, or via copper or coax cable.​


In ATM, a packet is called a _____________ and always consists of 48 bytes of data plus a 5 byte header.

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