Network Plus Chapter 10

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Network segmentation decreases both performance and security on a network.


Only Class B and Class C networks can be subnetted.​


The use of virtualization allows for isolation of each guest system such that problems on one system do not affect another system.


Because Layer 2 switches use MAC addresses for communication, and each port is assigned a MAC address, VLANs are considered a Layer 2 solution for segmenting a network.​


The Spanning Tree Protocol stipulates that on any bridge, only one root port, which is the bridge’s port that is closest to the root bridge, can forward frames toward the root bridge.​


A network with the subnet mask would have what CIDR block?​


A network with 6 bits remaining for the host portion will have how many usable hosts?​

A trunk port

A single switch can manage traffic belonging to several VLANs on a single interface, by configuring the interface as what option below?​

Native VLAN

What type of VLAN automatically receives all untagged frames?​

Disable auto trunking and move native VLANs to unused VLANs.

How can VLAN hopping attacks be prevented on a network?​


The first iteration of STP was defined in what IEEE standard below?​

​bridge ID (BID)

STP selects the root bridge based on what option below?​


Telnet and SSH are known as what type of management system?​

stack master

With VTP, the VLAN database is stored on a switch known as which option below?​

a router

In order to allow communication between VLANs for exchange of data, what must be used?​


What IEEE standard specifies how VLAN information appears in frames and how switches interpret that information?​

increase performance

Which of the following is not a valid reason for using virtualization?​


​Which supernet mask below would allow an organization to cover the following networks with one routing entry:,,,

​routing prefix

In an IPv6 address, the first 64 bits of the address are known as what?​

​bridged mode

​Which network type allows a vNIC to access a network directly using the host machine’s NIC?


​What protocol is used to provide a common language between virtualized service applications and a network’s physical devices?


The Shortest Path Bridging protocol is defined in what IEEE standard?​

​out-of-band management

The management option that can provide on-site infrastructure access when the network is down or complete remote access in cases of connectivity failures on the network, such as via a cellular signal, is known as?


​A CIDR block of /26 is equivalent to what subnet mask below?

host-only mode​

​Which virtual network type allows VMs to communicate with each other on the same host, but disallows communication with other nodes on the network?

NAT mode

In ______________, a vNIC relies on the host machine to act as a NAT device.​

DHCP relay agent

A centrally managed DHCP server can provide DHCP to multiple VLANs by configuring a _________________.​

default VLAN

A switch is typically preconfigured with one _______________ that includes all its ports.

VLAN hopping attack

A _________________ occurs when an attacker generates transmissions that appear, to the switch, to belong to a protected VLAN.​

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

To eliminate the possibility of traffic loops on switches and bridges, the ________________ is used.

​The interface on a switch used for an end node. Devices connected to access ports are unaware of VLAN information.

access port

​A software configuration that can be used to disable STP on specific ports, such as the port leading to the network’s demarc. It prevents access to network links that should not be considered when plotting STP paths in a network.

BPDU filter​

​In CIDR notation, the forward slash plus the number of bits used for the network ID. For example, the CIDR block for is /22.

CIDR block

Cisco’s proprietary standard, similar to VRRP, that assigns a virtual IP address to a group of routers. At first, messages routed to the virtual IP address are handled by the active router. If the active router fails, standby routers stand in line to take over responsibility for the virtual IP address.

HSRP (Hot Standby Routing Protocol)​0

​A VLAN on a switch that will automatically receive all untagged frames. Options for native VLANs vary according to the switch manufacturer and model.

​native VLAN

​The virtualization of network services in which a network controller manages these services instead of the services being directly managed by the hardware devices involved.

software defined networking (SDN)

​The interface on a switch capable of managing traffic from multiple VLANs. A trunk is a link configured between two switches’ trunk ports.

​trunk port

​A server that exists as a virtual machine, created and managed by virtualization software on a host, or physical, computer.

virtual server​

​An attack in which the attacker generates transmissions that appear, to the switch, to belong to a protected VLAN.

​VLAN hopping attack

​A standard that assigns a virtual IP address to a group of routers. At first, messages routed to the virtual IP address are handled by the master router. If the master router fails, backup routers stand in line to take over responsibility for the virtual IP address.

VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol)

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