Network + CompTIA Test 1 (Chapters 1-5)

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HTTP, IMAP4, FTP, and Telnet are all examples of protocols that operate at what layer of the OSI model?​

Layer 7

What layer of the OSI model describes how data between applications is synced and recovered if messages don’t arrive intact at the receiving application?​

Session Layer

What is the name for the protocol data unit (PDU) ​of the Data Link layer?


The segment or datagram protocol data unit exists at what layer of the OSI model?

Trasnport Layer

In what network topology are devices daisy-chained together in a single line?​

Bus Topology

​What physical network topology consists of all connected devices connecting to one central device, such as a switch?

Star Topology

The device where a telecommunications service provider network ends and an organization’s network begins is referred to as what option below?​


The proper handling procedures for substances such as chemical solvents is typically outlined in which of the following options?

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

An open electrical circuit as a result of a failed circuit breaker is considered to be what type of failure system?


​A standard network switch operates at what layer of the OSI model?

Layer 2

​Which of the following is not one of the disadvantages of peer-to-peer networks?

They centralize user account logins. They do have scalability, are secure, and are practical for connecting large computers.

Using the same network to deliver multiple types of communications services, such as video, voice, and fax, is known as:


At what layer of the OSI model do the IP, ICMP, and ARP protocols operate?​


Select the layer of the OSI model that is responsible for reformatting, compressing, and/or encrypting data in a way that the application on the receiving end can read:​


If a Network layer protocol is aware that a packet is larger than the maximum size for its network, it will divide the packet into smaller packets in a process known as:​


The process of adding a header to the data inherited from the layer above is called what option below?


When using a Windows domain, what is the domain-level account for each user known as?

Global Account

What mail protocol is used to send mail messages to a server?​


What is the name for a client-server model with one server and many clients, such as when an application is used to watch a live sports event?​

Multicast Distribution

Any computer or device on a network that can be addressed on the local network is referred to as a:


An IPv6 address consists of how many bits?​


A port number, which identifies an application on a host, exists at what level of the OSI model?​


What are the last two parts of a host name known as?​

Domain Name

What do the first 24 bits of a MAC address represent?​

Organizationally Unique Identifier

What command below can be used to display ​a complete summary of all network interfaces in a Windows computer?

ipconfig /all

What top level domain is used for the air-transport industry?​


How many clusters of root servers exist?​


​What range of ports is referred to as the "well-known" range of ports?


A loopback IP address begins with what ​number?


​In Linux systems, what file contains the settings for the DHCP service?


What command on Linux will display TCP/IP information associated with every interface on the device?​

ifconfig -a

Select the IPv6 address below that indicates a global unicast address:


​Which protocol below is used to make an initial connection between hosts for transferring multimedia data, relying on other protocols once a connection is established?


​The Network Time Protocol service uses what port number?

UDP 123

Select the name of the free, open source software that is by far the most popular DNS server software:


Select the protocol below that is used to synchronize clocks on computers on a network:


What utility is used to verify that TCP/IP installed, bound to the NIC, configured correctly, and communicating with the network?​


What RFC outlines recommendations for private IP addresses?​

RFC 1918

What protocol is commonly used to request configuration files from another computer?​


What is NOT one of the three characteristics of TCP in its role as a reliable delivery protocol

Framing. Three characteristics: Connection-oriented protocol, Sequencing and Checksums, Flow Control.

​What field in an IPv4 packet informs routers the level of precedence they should apply when processing an incoming packet?

Differentiated Services (DiffServ)

A modern ASN consists of how many bits?


What netstat command option lists only current connections, including IP addresses and port numbers?


By default, the pathping command sends how many pings per hop?​


​Which network routing protocol is a path vector protocol that sends updates between routers using TCP?


What protocol replaces ARP, IGMP, and ICMPv4 on IPv6 based networks?


​At what layer of the OSI model would a TCP or UDP header be added to a payload?

Layer 4

In a TCP segment, what field indicates how many bytes the sender can issue to a receiver while acknowledgement for the segment is outstanding?​

Sliding Window

Which of the following is not a task handled by a router?

A router forwards broadcasts over the network.

​The IP connectionless protocol relies on what other protocol to guarantee delivery of data?


​What command can be used on a Cisco router to view the routing table?

show ip route

What parameter can be combined with the traceroute command to instruct it to use ICMP echo requests instead of UDP datagrams?​


What TCP field below allows the receiving node to determine whether a TCP segment is corrupted during transmission?​


What happens when a router receives a packet with a TTL of 0?​

The router drops the packet and sends an ICMP TTL expired message back to the host

In IPv6, what field is used to indicate what sequence of packets from one source to one or multiple destinations a packet belongs to?​

​flow label

What IPv4 protocol handles multicasting for tasks such as videoconferencing or teleconferencing?​


What routing protocol criteria is defined as the time it takes to recognize a best path change in the event of a network outage?

convergence time

What type of routing protocol enables routers to communicate beyond neighboring routers, allowing each router to create a map of an entire network?​

​link state

What term below is used to describe the outer-most layer of protective covering of a coaxial cable?


What Ethernet standard below is also referred to as "thinnet"?​


What is the minimum category of UTP cable required in order to support Gigabit speeds?​

Cat 5e

What is the maximum supported throughput of a CAT6 cable?​

10 Gbps

How many cable pairs are needed for 1000Base-T transmission over CAT5e cable?​


Standard PoE devices ​must be provided with how much power in order to function?

​15.4 watts

What is the maximum distance for 10GBase-ER and 10GBase-EW on a segment of single mode fiber?​


What type of cross-talk occurs between wire pairs near the source of a signal? ​

​near end cross talk

Which of the following connectors is the most common for multimode fiber?​


​A measure of a signal’s strength at any given time is known as which term below?


The number of times that a wave’s amplitude cycles from its starting point, through its highest amplitude and its lowest amplitude, and back to its starting point over a fixed period of time, is known as ​what term below?


WDM divides a beam of light into how many different wavelengths or colors?


Which type of multiplexing is defined by wavelength instead of frequency?​


​Which option below reflects the standard impedance of an RG-6 cable?

75 ohms

Phone companies make use of what type of multiplexing in order to allow for phone services and DSL services over the same line?​


The most common multiplexing technology used in conjunction with fiber optics is which option below


A device that is responsible for modulating digital signals into analog signals, and demodulating analog signals into digital signals at the receiving end, is known as?​

​A modem

Ethernet is an example of what type of technology?​


Since cable TV and cable ​Internet can share the same coaxial cable, they are considered to be what type of technology?


Using a form of transmission that allows multiple signals to travel simultaneously over one medium is known as which of the following options?​


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