Network ++ Chapter 5

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Cat5 (Test wanted Cat5e, which contradicts book)

What is the minimum category of UTP cable required in order to support Gigabit speeds?


Which of the following connectors is the most common for multimode fiber?​

WDM divides a beam of light into up to 40 different wavelengths or colors

WDM divides a beam of light into how many different wavelengths or colors?


Ethernet is an example of what type of technology?​

A type of coaxial cable that is characterized by an impedance of 75 ohms and contains an 18 AWG conducting core. The core is usually made of solid copper. RG-6 coaxial cables are used, for example, to deliver broadband cable Internet service and cable TV, particularly over long distances.

​Which option below reflects the standard impedance of an RG-6 cable?


A device that is responsible for modulating digital signals into analog signals, and demodulating analog signals into digital signals at the receiving end, is known as?​

WDM (Wanted CWDM, which is Course Wavelength Division Multiplexing)

Which type of multiplexing is defined by wavelength instead of frequency?​


The number of times that a wave’s amplitude cycles from its starting point, through its highest amplitude and its lowest amplitude, and back to its starting point over a fixed period of time, is known as ​what term below?


The most common multiplexing technology used in conjunction with fiber optics is which option below


​What term below is used to describe the outer-most layer of protective covering of a coaxial cable?


Multimode fiber contains a core that is larger than a single mode fiber core.​

False (Console Port?)

A serial cable with an RJ-45 connector is capable of being used through an RJ-45 Ethernet port.


Because digital signals do not depend on amplitude or frequency differences to communicate information, they are more vulnerable to EMI noise.​


Digital signals are composed of pulses of precise, positive voltages and zero voltages.​


A continuity tester should not be used on a live network segment.​

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