Network+ 8th Edition Chapter 4

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1. Which of the following is not a task handled by a router?

a. A router forwards broadcasts over the network.

2. In the event of a duplicate MAC address shared by two hosts on a switched network, what statement is accurate?

c. The hosts will still send and receive traffic, but traffic may not always reach the correct destination.

3. Which command will produce statistics about each message transmitted by a host, separated according to protocol type?

b. netstat -s

4. When using the Routing Information Protocol (RIP), what is the maximum number of hops a message can take between its source and its destination before the destination is considered unreachable?

b. 15

5. In IPv6, what field is used to indicate what sequence of packets from one source to one or multiple destinations a packet belongs to?

c. flow label

6. What happens when a router receives a packet with a TTL of 0?

a. The router drops the packet and sends an ICMP TTL expired message back to the host.

7. By default, what is the MTU size on a typical Ethernet network?

b. 1500 bytes

8. You are connected to your network’s Cisco router, and need to verify the route table. What command should you enter?

b. show ip route

9. What IPv6 field is similar to the TTL field in IPv4 packets?

c. hop limit

10. You have been tasked with the replacement of OSPF with EIGRP throughout your organization, which consists of a mixture of Cisco routers and routers from other vendors. What statement is accurate?

c. EIGRP may not be available on non-Cisco routers.

11. Which routing protocol started as a Cisco proprietary protocol and combines some of the features of a link-state protocol with that of distance-vector protocols?


12. What field in an IPv4 packet informs routers the level of precedence they should apply when processing an incoming packet?

a. Differentiated Services (DiffServ)

13. What occurs when a collision happens on a network?

d. Each node on the network waits a random amount of time and then resends the transmission.

14. The IP connectionless protocol relies on what other protocol to guarantee delivery of data?

c. TCP

15. What statement regarding the differences between the Windows tracert utility and the Linux/UNIX/macOS traceroute utility is accurate?

b. By default, the tracert utility uses ICMP echo requests, while traceroute uses UDP datagrams or TCP SYN messages.

16. Which statement does NOT accurately describe characteristics of the OSPF protocol?

d. OSPF requires very little CPU or memory resources.

17. What is routing protocol convergence time defined as?

a. It is the time it takes for the protocol to recognize the best path in the event of a network change.

18. Which traceroute command will perform a trace using ICMP echo requests instead of UDP datagrams to the host

d. traceroute -I

19. In a TCP segment, what field indicates how many bytes the sender can issue to a receiver before acknowledgment is received?

b. sliding-window

20. Which statement regarding the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is accurate?

c. BGP utilizes TCP for communicating updates.

21. What tcpdump command can be used to filter out all traffic except SSH traffic?

a. tcpdump port 22

22. If the VLAN tag is present in an Ethernet frame, what is the maximum frame size?

d. 1522 bytes

23. What utility is the equivalent to the pathping command on a Linux system?

a. mtr

24. Originally codified by ISO, what does the "intermediate system" in IS-IS (Intermediate System to Intermediate System) stand for?

d. An IS-IS capable network router.

25. What routing metric affects a path’s potential performance due to delay?

c. latency

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